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Leah was still confused about her dream, but it was Christmas Eve! She couldn't be all sad today, it was her favourite holiday ever.

She had decided to drop the dream, it was obviously a figment of her imagination and was totally fictional.

Leah opened the joint doors to Draco's room.
"IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!" She cannonballed onto his bed, waking him up.
"Go away," he tried to hide himself under the covers, hint, tried.
"You. Have. To. Wake. Up." She was smacking him repeatedly with a pillow.
"I'm up," Draco put his hands in the air as a sign of surrender. Leah grabbed his hand and dragged him downstairs.

The scent of Narcissa's breakfast filled the pairs nostrils, every year Narcissa made the most delicious breakfasts on the build up to Christmas; but nothing compared to her actual breakfast on Christmas day.


Leah put her hands on her stomach to indicate that she was stuffed. Sometimes she swore Narcissa was trying to kill her with food.

As she politely left the table, Leah noticed Mr.Darcy, her owl, fly straight past the kitchen window. She then sprinted up the stairs in an attempt to beat her owl.

Panting, she opened her bedroom doors.
"You beat me again Darcy," she ruffled his top feathers and took the letters from his beak. "No food today, sorry. 'Cissa's special breakfast." Darcy titled his head in disappointment and flew into his cage in Leah's room. He's such a moody owl, Leah murmured to herself.


Dear Leah,
We really miss you over here, I do hope you're having a good holiday. Do us a favour and write Harry back first. He hasn't shut up about you all holiday, bloody Harry.

Your presents from all of us will arrive tomorrow on Christmas day, so don't worry about that.

Mum, Fred, George and perfect Percy say hi!

Best wishes,
Ronald Weasley.

Leah laughed to herself at Ron's letter. She would fulfil Ron's request and write back to Harry first.


Leah sighed and signed of Hermione's letter, she had wrote three letters and wrapped three presents.

She had gotten Harry a model golden snitch as he often told her stories about his games. She had gotten Hermione a pile of brand new books to add to her reading collection; and she had gotten Ron a massive box of chocolates and sweets.

"Leah, are you in here?" Draco walked into her room.
"Yep, I'm here," Leah stood up, wiping sweat off her forehead. "But before you come in and start a never-ending conversation, can you pop downstairs and grab Darcy some bacon?" Leah tilted her head towards the letters and presents that her owl would have to deliver. Draco nodded and headed downstairs.


"Leah honey it's time to go!" Amelia Anderson shouted up the stairs to her five year old daughter.
"Coming mummy," Leah shouted back skipping down the stairs.
"Oh honey, you look beautiful!" Amelia held out her arms to hug her daughter.
"Where's daddy?" Leah questioned as her mother flattened out the creases on her dress.
"He's where we are going, just wanted to leave a little earlier."
"Where are we going?"
"You are going to make some friends!" Leah and her mother intertwined their hands walking out of the door.

Amelia knocked on the hard wood door, Leah still clinging to her arm.
"Coming!" A graceful voice shouted. "Amelia, so good to see you." The blonde lady enveloped Leah's mother in a hug. "And you must be Leah!" Narcissa knelt down to reach Leah's height.
"That's me!" Leah held her hand out for Narcissa to shake.
"Well you certainly are you little character aren't you?" Narcissa and Amelia laughed. "Lucius, come and meet our goddaughter!" A blonde man with long hair and a walking stick approached the door.
"And you must be... Leah?"Amelia noticed that Lucius' tone was softer than usual which caused her to smile.
"Correct." Leah once again held out her hand for Lucius to shake, which he did.
"Come in. Come in." Narcissa ushered the two in.
"Lucius?" Leah was tugging on his jacket.
"Yes Leah?"
"Can I braid your hair?" Narcissa and Amelia burst into fits of laughter, and a smile broke on Lucius' face.
"Maybe one day." He patted her on the head and walked off towards his study.
"Mother! Mother!" A young boy shouted from the top of the stairs.
"Draco come downstairs please." Leah returned to her mother's side as a blonde boy descended down the stairs. "I would like you to meet Leah." Narcissa pointed to the young brunette at her mother's side. young Draco walked towards her.
"I'm Malfoy. Draco Malfoy."



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