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You strode into Battle Center A, yawning, as you had just woken up from a nap. You and Kirishima had sadly parted ways since he had gotten a different center. You lazily walked up next to a bushy green-haired boy, stretching. You glanced at the timid boy, tilting your head. He seemed to be nervous, shaking and sweating.

  "Hey." You said, making the boy squeak and jump. He shakily turned his head to you, eyes filled with anxiety. You smiled at him, soft eyes twinkling. "No need to be nervous. This whole thing isn't that big of a deal."

  Your words only seemed to make him even more anxious, and he started to whimper. Your face fell and you tilted your head, eyeing him as if you were calculating something. You started again, trying to soothe his nerves as best as you could.

  "I mean, it's not that big of a deal to me, at least. You seem pretty strong, so I wouldn't worry too much, alright?"

  The boy relaxed a bit, his breathing becoming steadier. You paused, staring at him with intrigue. He was weird.

  Weird was good.

  "I'm Y/N L/N. What's your name?" You inquired, tilting your head. The boy glanced at you, eyes wide.

  "I-Izuku Midoriya."

  Present Mic shouted the go signal, and people started to take off. You grinned, closing your eyes.

  "Well, Midoriya, good luck."

  "Y-yeah! You too, L/N!" Midoriya called to you as you took off sprinting, searching for whatever you were supposed to be searching for. A giant robot suddenly slammed its foot in front of you, making you stumble backwards.

"Whoa there, buddy." You breathed out, eyes traveling up the robot's body. It swiped at you, and you lazily dodged out of the way. You sighed, cracking your neck. "Damn. I'm gonna have to use my new technique, huh?"

A smokey F/C gas seeped out from your body, wafting into the air. The robot froze up as the gas entered its giant metal body, and silvery strings appeared in your hands. You flicked your finger to the side, forcing the robot to smash into the side of a building. It exploded, and caused the building to crumble. The gas dissipated, and you grew dizzy and lightheaded.

"Whoo, boy, that was rough." You wheezed, your lungs squeezing together. The sickening feeling of your drawback eventually faded as you ran to find another robot. You heard an explosion in the distance and decided to run to the noise, yawning. "Man, I wonder if I can eat my sandwich yet?"

You skidded to a halt, eyes wandering around the area you had arrived at. Debris was littered all around the ground, broken robot parts and scorched rocks surrounding the area. Standing amidst the chaotic scene before you was the boy from earlier, who you assumed had done the damage. He was breathing heavily, a wide smirk on his face as small explosions popped in his palms. You eyed him, smiling. His quirk would be useful if he was your puppet.

"Yo." You called out, raising up a hand. The boy whirled around to face you, his smirk turning into a scowl.

"You're that weird bitch from earlier." The ash-blonde growled, eyeing you up and down. "Get lost."

"What's your name, firecracker?" You asked, ignoring his rude remarks. If you could distract him for long enough, you could use him to your advantage. He clicked his tongue, glaring at you with his crimson eyes.

  "Katsuki Bakugo. The guy who's gonna beat everyone here, including you."

  "Tough talk for someone within pegging distance." You hummed, eyes twinkling with amusement. You sneakily emitted gas from your body, using some of your energy to make it transparent.

  "Hah?! The fuck did you say to me-"

  Bakugo suddenly stiffened up, the gas evidently entering his lungs. You smiled happily as silken strings once again trailed out of your hands. Bakugo struggled to turn his head towards you, his eyes widening.

  "W-What the...hell..."

  "Sorry, Bakugo, but I'mma need to borrow you for a second. So be good, alright?" You said airily, yanking him forward with a simple flick of your wrist. Bakugo flew towards you, stopping five inches away from your face. Your smile widened and you nodded at him, starting to walk towards a 3-pointer robot. You dragged him behind you, his heels digging into the dirt as he tried to rebel against you. You stopped in front of the large robot, staring up at it with a dreamy look on your face.

  "I wonder if robots have feelings, too. Can robots even feel pain? Anyways, let's get crackin'!"

  You tugged on the strings, now in full control of Bakugo's actions. The boy gritted his teeth as you maneuvered him around the robot, making him dodge the metal behemoth's attacks.

  "Now to activate that quirk of yours!" You hummed, raising your finger. Bakugo's hands popped with explosions, and he slammed his palm into the robot's body, making it fall back and crash on the ground. You sat back, relaxing on a chunk of cement as you played with his strings, and opened up your satchel with your free hand. You pulled out a ham sandwich and started to eat, watching his rag doll-like body attack the other robots. You took a bite of your food, lazily stretching your fingers. Bakugo blew up another 3-pointer, his fury-filled red eyes looking over at you.

  "Let me go, you bitch!" He yelled, limply flopping onto the ground as you dropped your hand down. You laughed airily, making a snipping motion with your now-free hand. The strings snapped and Bakugo was released, your head spinning and your vision hazy.

"Time is up, examinees!" You heard Present Mic shout.

You smiled dizzily as you felt the sensation of your lungs squeezing again, stumbling forward and almost tripping over a burnt metal plate. Man, your oxygen intake was bad. Bakugo growled, stomping towards you and grabbing you by the collar of your white T-shirt. His crimson eyes were wide with rage and annoyance, his teeth gritted.

"You're dead, gas girl."

"Yeah, probably. In the future, at least. I wonder how my funeral will look." You hummed, staring up at the sky through half-lidded eyes and grinning goofily. Bakugo gave you a disgusted look, scoffed, and dropped you, causing you to fall flat on your butt.

"Waste of my time."

"That's not my name, I'm Y/N L/N!" You said, turning your head to look at the explosive boy. Bakugo simply grunted and stalked off, hands shoved in his pockets. You giggled, eyes sparkling with interest.

"He reminds me of a firecracker. I wonder if in another universe, firecrackers would be called Bakugos?"

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