What Just Happened?- Chapter 2

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Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the story and sorry I haven't updated I don't have much free time!


~Dream~ (that's right you have your own dream land)

You were walking in a forest, it looked completely normal except that it was black and white. You, being in dream, didn't care about this minor detail. You saw a boy out of corner of your eye. He seemed strangely familiar to you. You began walking up to him... "Hello?" You asked softly. The darkness that was covering his clothes went away, revealing a white, red-stained hoodie and a white hood covering his face along with his long, raven-black hair.
You stuttered "d-do you need something?" He looked up, revealing a hideous wide smile, and crazed eyes. He laughed, in his mad, cackling laugh. "All I want is for you to Go To Sleep..."


You woke up, sweat beading down your face. You heard a loud crash from downstairs, making you flinch slightly. You looked around for a weapon to use, then you remembered you had a spare pocket knife in your clothes drawer beside your bed frame. You quickly pulled it out and walked quietly downstairs, like a mouse. You, eventually after a brief search through the house, got calm enough to straighten your posture from alarmed, to calm, but careful.

And just when you were about to head upstairs, you saw the same figure from your dreams beside the staircase, just standing there, barely visable. You went up the stairs, as if you didn't know he was there, when the hooded man grabbed your arm with his cold and leathery-feeling hand as you quickly took his arm, spun around, causing his arm to twist in such a way so in one move, you could break it easily. You kneed the man in the stomach, causing him to stagger as he screamed from the pull on his arm. You let go of his arm, as he fell to the ground, beat and in pain.

When he finally recovered you saw him grab a knife out of his pocket and he lunged at you. The knife wasn't a pocket knife though, it was a Chef's knife. You knew he was going to be fast; but you were faster.

As you dodged to the side, you realized you had bumped into a chair. You trip and fall over as you attempt to stagger back up, but the man takes this chance to pounce on you. Doing this caused you to lose all your breath, making you gasp for oxygen.

You tossed and turned, screaming for help as you try continuously to get him off you. He grabs your hands firmly before holding them above your head. You tried screaming, but he just ended up putting a gag in your mouth. He tied it tight too; so tight you could barely breath.

You were almost out of strength- along with your consciousness- when you gathered up what was left of your strength and said three words, "Who... Are... You?"

"Oh, me?" The man said as he leaned closer, so you could feel his hot breath on your cheek, that was stained with tears that you never even knew were there.

"I'm Jeff the Killer, darling. And I have three words for you..." Jeff said as he leaned right by your ear, whispering three words.


CLIFFHANGER!! :3 sorry guys this was such a short chapter but it's late and I have school ugh😩. luckily it's almost Christmas break so I will be sure to make it up! See you guys and remember... Stay Sweet! (~^_^)~


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