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"class is about to start, maybe later?" wonwoo confessed, hoping that minjae would just listen to him and just sit in his own seat, sounding as blunt but friendly as possible.

a puppy like frown appeared on minjae's face, sighing, "okay, wonwoo. just tell me when you're free and able to talk. maybe we can hang out sometime!" minjae said with such enthusiasm. he walked away to the other side of the classroom, and wonwoo swore he saw minjae wink at him before he turned, which almost made wonwoo throw up inside, watching as minjae start to talk to his old friends he had left behind in seoul.

wonwoo scowled at minjae's turned back, walking back to his friends who were eager to know what why minjae wanted to talk to him, having a vague idea why. "so what did say? did he say anything suspicious?" soonyoung asked, eagerly, the two best friends looked up at wonwoo from their seats like puppies.

"he wanted to catch up, talk, and hang out." wonwoo confessed, sitting down in his own seat and removing the bag that hung on his shoulder.

"tsk, it's so obvious he's trying to get close to again. people are saying that he's trying to get back with you." soonyoung explained. "it makes me so angry!"

"there's no point in getting angry, soonyoung." reassured wonwoo. "besides, if he does try anything, i'll just turn him down and ignore it."

"but still, we should all be careful, especially you wonwoo." junhui said, his glare fixated on minjae who was sat on one of the tables at the front of the classroom. "we have no idea what he's up to, and he always had everyone at his feet, so he could do anything."

"does... mingyu know about this? how minjae is back to possibly become closer with me again?" wonwoo asked. he imagined that mingyu would definitely be pissed off, not just from the rumour that he's trying to get back with wonwoo, but the fact that he was even here probably made him mad.

"i think so, minghao probably told him. either that, or when he came to school he had heard the rumours, since news around here spreads like a disease." junhui chuckled to himself. "do you think he's gonna go on a rampage about it?"

wonwoo shrugged. "i'm not sure, to be honest. but knowing how overprotective he can be at times, i guess he'll at least be angry."

"it's cute how protective mingyu can be when it comes to you, he's whipped." junhui teased, earning a playful jab to the arm from wonwoo.

"oh, hush." wonwoo giggled and rolled his eyes. but it made his heart warm when he thought back to mingyu's past actions, how caring he has been.

he hoped that for whatever reason minjae wanted him, it wouldn't ruin his life again.

a few days pass, and after minjae found out that mingyu was pursuing wonwoo, he always took opportunity to shamelessly flirt with wonwoo in front of the younger, taking chances to hang out with wonwoo and being very insistent, even if wonwoo would ignore and turn him down every single time.

and everytime minjae even got close to wonwoo, said a flirtatious comment, playfully touched wonwoo's hand, anything: it made mingyu furious.

"i'll see you after lunch, wonnie." minjae said the nick name as if they were still in a relationship like two years ago, winking as he walked away.

"sure." wonwoo said with pure friendliness, but once minjae walked away, he heaved the heaviest sigh, exhausted from having to put up with minjae's continuous flirting, no matter how many times he had turned him down. "this is exhausting." he muttered, opening his locker to store away his books.

"seeing his shamelessly flirt with you like that really pisses me off, you know?" wonwoo heard a voice say behind him, a voice that always managed to calm him down and comfort him in his time of need.

"...mingyu?" wonwoo said as he turned to the side, seeing mingyu leaning on the lockers. wonwoo instantly wrapped his arms around mingyu, abandoning his open locker to feel the warmth of mingyu. "fuck, i really needed you."

"i'm sorry i haven't been able to be with you after school. i've been busy with... some jobs." mingyu said as he pressed a kiss on the latter's forehead.

"it's okay, really, i'm just... so glad you're here right now." wonwoo said, his head resting on the younger's chest.

wonwoo locked his locker, the two walking outside to the garden courtyard, decorated with blossom trees and a fountain. "but seriously, can i punch him? he's a douche to even try and get back with you."

wonwoo chuckled. "punching him won't solve anything, gyu. just leave it be, i can ignore it."

"can i break his nose at least? i'm very good at that."


"i'm joking!.... not."

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