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Death greeted me like an old friend you hadn't seen in months, or even years. With such kindness and joy. It welcomed me as another human being should be treated.

Life greeted me with bruises and pain. Life called me a bitch and always threw his problems in my face.
Everyone lied. No life is worth living, even if it's your own.
Life is just on big fucking lie. That's all it'll ever be.

Death is a beautiful garden. It's full of your memories. And you get to choose the ones you forget.
Death greeted me with open arms and a smile. How could I refuse deaths offer?

Life used me as an example of what his abominations look like. They would laugh and tear my walls down. They made me feel worthless and useless. I never fit in with life. I'd always adored death, and when he greeted me, I gladly accepted.

Death gave me his word. He told me he would protect me, and punish those who hurt me.
And that's what he did.
Why didn't I do this before?
Death was amazing.
Death was my awakening.
Death was
The truth.

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