Rengoku Kyojuro; 🍋

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kyojuro x Reader smut

Requested by: @EULSIERS !!

WARNING: NSFW/18+ , dub-con?, drunk sex, kyojuro's hotness in that pic⬆️

WARNING: NSFW/18+ , dub-con?, drunk sex, kyojuro's hotness in that pic⬆️

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(someone help me I'm so in love with him)

All your life had you known your one true purpose. Following in the steps of your older siblings, you were trained each and every single day to become stronger.

Strength, speed, flexibility, and skill was all that mattered to you ever since you were taught of swordfighting. You fight and fight, because you were born to protect those who cannot. Having to slay demons for a living, Your life clearly wasn't like an average girl's.

But in such a tough way of living, you found hope and happiness with the help of your siblings. You were more of a lone wolf in the demon slayer corps, so no one really knows you that well. But not when it comes to your siblings. They've always been by your side. Kanae, Shinobu, Kanao.. They were always there to fight alongside with you. And you were at peace.

Until Kanae got killed by a demon.

You were devastated. At that point in your life. You felt anger, pain, and many strong emotions you've never had in your life.

Ever since that day, you trained even harder to become a pillar. You promised yourself to end that demon no matter what it takes. It's your purpose, as a demon slayer.

It was hard, but.. you finally were able to catch up with Shinobu. Having killed one of the twelve moon demons. From being a nobody to a flower breath user hashira. And immediately being well known by the other slayer, especially the lower rank slayers you were once with. It's weird, since You've fought alongside with them in a few missions. But now they're treating you like their senior.

Well, it's not like you were friends with them.

The more unusual thing was being introduced to the other pillars. They're all quite unique in their own ways.

They had no idea that Shinobu had another sister. And everyone was a bit surprised. You kind of expected that.

But one of them stood out particularly.

The man with fiery blonde hair, and beautiful amber and ruby eyes.

From the first time you set eyes on each other, it was like you both couldn't look away. Growing up, you were told of many love stories. You've heard about the sayings and clichés like 'love at first sight', but you never gave it any thought and shrug it off, as it was obviously unimportant to your training.

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