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Much thanks to: Wattpad HQ, especially Emma and Grace; my early and loyal readers; my new readers for keeping this crazy thing going; and my husband for believing in me all these years.


Dear Reader:

Thank you so much for spending your valuable reading time on DISGUISED. I appreciate it very much. How it came to be a Wattpad story is kind of interesting.

When I first joined Wattpad in 2014, I tested the waters with a little flash fiction experiment I called DISGUISED. At 500 words, it was a playful attempt to write sexy, detective fiction. What I didn't understand was that Wattpad stories were serialized...and when readers who stumbled upon the story kept saying, "I can't wait to read what happens next!" I sort of shook my head in bewilderment. I then got my butt in gear and learned what Wattpad was all about. Just like that, I was hooked!

Once I figured out what my readers wanted, I wrote the entire book based on that flash fiction story and my kick-ass private investigator, Liv Lively. I am so grateful for all the readers who have liked and commented and read this story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

After six years being available to read for free on the platform, DISGUISED entered the Paid Stories Program, which allows writers to be compensated for their stories. It has been professionally edited, new scenes and chapters have been added, and the story is now even stronger than it was before. 

I love comments. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be you!



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If you liked this story, check out my profile page for FREE books and stories and story collections! 

If you liked this story, check out my profile page for FREE books and stories and story collections! 

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