"Draco, Drake come on mom said we are going to Diagon Alley" I yelled walking downstairs letting my blonde hair fall down and my black strip to show. "Coming Dakota" Drake yelled coming downstairs with his black hair and white stripped hair nicely down. "Coming siblings" Draco said messing with his platinum blonde hair. 

"Ready children" my mother said grabbing Floo Powder. "Diagon Alley" she said and disappeared. I went next "Diagon Alley" I said.  I stood up brushing my clothes before standing next to mom waiting for the boys. When they appeared, laughing, and brushing off the ash from their clothes we headed to shop.

 Normally we would have gotten our robes first but I decided to break tradition and stopped at Ollivanders to get my wand with mom while the boys were at Madam Milkins Robe Shop. I walked in quietly. "Ms. Malfoy how nice to finally meet you" Ollivanders beamed looking at me with curiosity. "Nice to meet you to Mr. Ollivanders but I do not have much time to waste" I said nicely but firmly. "Of course Ms. Malfoy" he said pulling out a wand. 11 inches holly feather with a basilisk venom core" he said handing me the wand. 

I flicked it and the wands began flying from their boxes and their containers falling from the shelves. "Not the right one" he said pulling out another. " 11" long, made of holly, and had a phoenix feather core" he said handing it to me. I had a warm sensation fill through me. Green sparks sparked from the wand. "Perfect" he answered. "Mrs. Malfoy that will be 7 galleons" he answered with a smile. 

"Thank you Mr. Ollivander and hope you have a nice time. Keep the family business running" mother answered pulling me out the store and towards my brothers. "Draco stop" Drake yelled standing in front of him. "Leave me alone Potter and stay out of my family" Draco sneered almost breaking Drake's hold on him. "Draco stop it is me Dakota" I whispered. 

Mother came running at the sight of her angry son being held back by his siblings. "Draco sweetheart what is wrong" she asked him quietly. "Hello Narcissa" Lily Potter said coming out with her husband behind her. "Mother we should take Drake and Draco to get their wands" I whispered. 

"Wait darling I have business to discuss" she answered. "Narcissa who are those little children" Lily Potter asked looking at me and Drake. "My children Dakota and Drake Malfoy" she answered pulling me close. " She looks like you and she may be a Death Eater" James Potter said laughing. "Calling me a Death Eater" I said raising my wand. "Yes and you don't even know a simple spell to knock a wand out of my hand" James Potter said howling with laughter. 

"Expelliarmus" I yelled taking his wand in my hand. "Not such a hard grip when it comes to holding your wand" I said inspecting the wand. "Maybe you should get another" I said breaking his wand listening to the crack. "My wand" he whispered picking it up and feeling no magic left. "Never call me a Death Eater you filthy Potter" I sneered. 

"Now Harold what did you do to my brother to make him attack you" I asked walking over. " I called your family a filthy Death Eater family and that you were all snakes that didn't have a life" he said boldly. "Now since Occlumency isn't necessary but I couldn't help but peak you want your little sister back what was her name oh yeah Lily" I said smugly. "Leave her out of this" he snarled raising his wand. 

"No I won't but see you at school Potter and they are both dead Harry and Lily Potter are dead" I sneered walking away. Lily Potter crumpled to the floor crying while James Potter soothing her. I walked away pulling Drake and Draco with me. "Brothers get your wands and books, mother and I will be getting ice cream so hurry" I said pushing them into Ollivanders. "Mom was that a good idea you know telling them I was dead and so was Harry" I whispered hugging her tightly.

 "Yes they will stop looking and you will be happy" she whispered kissing my head. "Now how about that ice cream I promised" she said walking inside. "Yes mother" I said happily walking inside. "Now that my old brother thinks I'm dead I will celebrate" I whispered to mom and getting my chocolate ice cream. Drake and Draco came in smirking like devils. "Drake Lucius Malfoy what is that look for" I asked sternly. "No reason you should ask Draco he knows better" he answered messing with his hair again. "Draco Lucius Malfoy what have you done" I scolded. "I might have upset Potter and Weasly when they said something about you" he said high and proud. "What was said" I asked. "You were a slut and was like our mother" he answered with the snake tone in his mouth. 

"Godfather might just owe us a favor" I said smugly. "Hedwig here can get your letter to Severus" Drake said pointing to the snowy owl. "Nice I am getting a kitten" I said happily. "Of course darling about the cat that would sound nice and show them that the Malfoy's don't hurt animals as some people assume" mother said grabbing our things. 

"Mother can I get parchment to write a letter to Uncle Severus" I asked with my puppy dog eyes. "Yes darling" she answered dreamily. I walked out of the ice cream store and towards the parchment store. "One piece of parchment please" I asked nicely. "5 galleons" the man said happily. 

I gave him the five galleons and walked to get my quills. I picked a black quill and a white one. "Hey Malfoy what are you doing here" Potter asked behind me. "Getting supplies for my Godfather's class he is very strict and he hates the Potters" I answered paying my money. "Now if you may excuse me I have to write my letter" I said walking back towards the ice cream parlor. I sat down with Drake and Draco and started writing the letter.

                               Dear Uncle Severus,
   This is Drake, Dakota, and Draco and we need a favor when we get to school. As you know we are going to be Slytherin and Potter is going to be Gryffindor or whatever he is and we need you to deduct as many points as you can a class because he called me Dakota a slut and that I am a Death Eater and to make you very happy I broke James Potter's wand. We miss you and hope to see you soon.

                                                        Dakota, Drake, and Draco Malfoy

That is the end of the first chapter and in this story Hermonie is God Sister to the three Malfoy siblings and they protect each other. Draco never calls Hermonie a Mudblood.

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