Chapter 16: Peeta

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I wake up strapped to a metal chair in a white room. Last night all I remember is attacking Katniss and then getting knocked out. I try to calm my self down with some breathing exercises but all I can think about is getting a grip on Katniss. I thrash and scream trying desperately to get free of my restraints but with no luck.

"Let me go! I need to get her!" I look in the mirror before me and see my face has changed completely. I look different, but then again, I can barely remember what I looked like. I can barely remember anything before I woke up. I only remember my name starts with a P and of course attacking Katniss.

Two men walk into the room and unstrap my restraints. They give me an injection of the same calming drug as in the Capitol and I feel a rush of cool.

"We need to fix you" they say in unison "the right way" they bring in a doctor and he gives me a pill. I take it obediently and sit on the edge of the chair. I wait as they talk to each other quietly. They finally split up and take me to a small corridor. They lead me through the dark hall and we arrive in a small room.

"We have to hook something in your system just calm down" they give me a small bag of blue fluid through an injection in my arm. The room goes blurry and I hear a familiar and hated voice call my name.

"Katniss?" I ask angrily but the fluid calms me. It makes my fingers tingle and I start to laugh. I feel ridiculous but I can't help myself.

"Peeta why are you so happy?" she asks and my laughing ends abruptly and she frowns too. The doctors whisper something in her ear and she smiles again. I sort of miss her smile but I know inside she's evil.

"You're an evil liar!" I yell at her and start to laugh uncontrollably. She looks very confused. "You killed my family! You lied to me! You said you love me! I saw you!" I yell thinking of all the things they showed me in the Capitol.

"What did I do?' she asks deffensively. I smirk at her and shake my head.

"You kissed your cousin! I saw you, before the Reaping!" I yell as I charge her down. They yank her away from me at just the last minute. They pull her out of the room and I try to follow, 2 men walk in front of my path and push me back. I sit on the chair and no one tries to calm me. 

"Can I have a moment?" I ask looking to the doctor and his assistants. They nod and walk out "Please don't look in" I say as they slam the door shut.

I take of my gray jumpsuit and look at my back reflected on the mirror. My back has blisters swelling to the size of my palm. My bruises don't show well in this light but I can feel them every where. Katniss did this to me, she's an evil little- She did come visit me though, she can't be all bad can she? I debate if she's good or not, in my head but a doctor interrupts me, mid argument with myself.

"Peeta would you like to work out? Relieve some stress?" He asks very authoritatively. I nod because it seems like he's implying I should instead of just asking. He leads me with no restraints, which feels weird. They lead me to an elevator and we go from floor 34 to floor 23. They walk me to a large open room with targets around on the walls.

"Can I just go?" I ask excitedly. They nod and walk to the back of the room. I go straight to the weights. I lift a 150 pound weight and smile at how easy it actually is, considering I haven't been lifting bags of flour or working out. I pass my time doing a simple work out that's shown on a fitness poster on the wall.

"Peeta!" I hear some people yell happily. I turn around and see Cato and Finnick. I smile at them and they join me to work out.

"Where have you been?" Cato asks starting to do some pull ups in the corner. I shrug.

"I don't even know" I say smiling "Sorry we couldn't ally with Clove in the Games" he smiles and walks over to the spears.

"It's like the training arena in the Capital and in District 2" he says happily "So how are you and Katniss getting along" my smile fades and I look at him angrily. He smiles and starts to throw spears at a gray target. I walk over to him still angry but slowly calming down.

"Anyways. how are you and Clove?" I ask distracting him from his question. He notices what I'm doing but smiles.

"We're doing okay. She thinks I beat her in the Capital but I don't know what she's talking about" I nod and get an idea.

"Did they record you saying something and played it while someone beat her" they did to me and it ruined me. He looks facinated and nods.

"Finnick, I haven't seen you forever" he nods and gets a length of knotted rope from his pocket. I smile at his interesting fetish with knots. Two women come in, one I recognise as Clove. The other I think is Coin but I'm not certain. It is Coin and she has just come to drop off Clove. She leaves hastily with a slight encouraging nod.

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