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-Camp Half Blood-

I've inherit the power to turn people into stone. This ability came from my mother... Medusa. Everyone is scared of me because of it. They all treated me like a freak. Everywhere I go, all I could see is their looks of fear. I can't blame them... they're right. I am a monster.

Other than that, I can choose whether I want to be in my human form or be like my mother. Of course, I choose to look like a human. It's not fun to walk around with people watching me in fear. I wanna be normal.

I remember the day I first got this ability. It all started because of those bullies back in school. Things turns for the worse since then.


I'm walking in silent in the school hall towards my locker, only to have someone push me harshly. This cause me to slam my side to the locker.

I groan in pain and look up, to see the one and only B/N (Bully Name). I just sit there as I watch him laugh. "Look... the nerd is going to cry" he said, as he start to laugh louder.

I slowly stand up, and clench my hands into a tight fist. "Oooo~ looks like this little nerd is trying to stand up for herself..." he said. I just glare at him. He walks over to me. "What are you going to do about it, Nerd..." he said. He raise his fist and swing it at me.

I grab it and twist it back. He wince in pain, but I didn't let go. I continue to glare at him. But then something happened to him. His whole body is slowly turning into stone. Then the other students around me scramble off running, screaming like they've seen a monster.

I open my locker, where there's a small mirror in it. I gasps when saw myself. My hair have turned into snakes. "What the hell is happening to me?!" I yell to myself in shock.

Ever since that day, no one dared to mess with me. But things got worse. They are all afraid of me. I don't know how to feel about it. I don't know which one is better. To be bullied or to be feared. But I just know one thing for sure. I just wanna be a normal girl.

End of Flashback

I stay as far away from human as possible. I've been far from normal since that day. I can control my power, as long as I'm calm. If someone irritates me, I can feel myself turning.

Then for some reason, there's always like these creature appears. They try to kill me, but I manage to fight them off. But that's not the point. This makes me confused. Why did they attack me in the first place. Shouldn't I be one of them? But if I am... then why would they attack me?

Another monster attacks me. In fact, I'm currently on the run with the monster right behind me. I have my backpack with me, because I can't be staying in one place. The place I'm in will always be destroyed by those monsters.

My legs ache from running so much. I was about to give up and accept my fate when I see something. It looks like a gate, with Greek writings. Then it morph into a word. I squint my eyes as I try to read it while running.

Camp Half-Blood? What the heck is that? Ugh whatever, as long as I can be safe in there

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Camp Half-Blood? What the heck is that? Ugh whatever, as long as I can be safe in there. I pick up my speed and run as fast as I can, trying my best to ignore the pain.

When I enter the gate I trip and fall on my knees. I turn around and back away. But the monster hits something, which looks like a barrier. 'What the...' I thought to myself.

It growls at me then turn to leave. I fall on my back and stare up at the sky. Exhaustion finally starts to consume me. The last thing I remember is seeing a group of people come running towards me. Then everything turns black.


When I wake up, I realize I'm in some sort of a cabin. I try to sit up, but wince when all the muscle in my body aches. I manage to sit up and look around the place.

"So you've finally awaken..." I jump at the sudden voice. I turn my head to see a girl. "Uh... who are you?" I asks. "My name is Annabeth... nice to meet you..." she said, smiling at me. Annabeth... I've heard that name.

"You're... you're the one that stops the Gods from starting a war!" I said. She jumps at my sudden reaction. "Sorry..." I said. "You've heard about that?" She said, raising an eyebrow at me. "Yeah..." I said. Then my eyes widened in realization.

"Wait... where am I? Cause before I enter this camp. I saw the sign and it said Camp Half-Blood. This is not THE Camp Half-Blood, right?" I said. She looks at me in confusion. "What are you talking about? This IS Camp Half-Blood. There is no other camp..." she said.

"But... only Demi-Gods can enter this place... and I'm..." I stopped myself. I can possibly tell her what I am. No... not yet.

"You're... What?" She asks. "N-No... nothing... it is nothing..." I said. "Hm... whatever you're thinking... no... this isn't only for Demi-Gods... all Half-Bloods can enter this camp" she said. I just hum slowly. She smiles at me. "Come on... lets give you a tour..." she said. I just nod my head and slowly stand up from the bed.

After the tour, she leads me to the great hall. She said to have dinner. "Go on... grab any meal you want..." she said. I just nod my head and grab the food. She turns to me as we eat. She smiles at me.

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

*to be continued*

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