Chapter Three:Blue Paint

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 I am utterly confused and caught off guard.I open my mouth and close it unable to form words.

I am analyzing the situation in my mind when all of a sudden the girl i assume to be Sydney smacks him on his head. " What do you think you are saying? Think before speaking you doofus."I like her already.

His eyes widen in realization when he starts explaining frantically."No s'not what i meant.The laptop..umm the assignment.."He trails off. He takes a deep breath and looks straight at me."I am Davien and... I thought i could help you with the assignment as it seemed an important one. And i could pay for your laptop if you want." He said all in one breath his accent clearly visible.His serious expression plastered on his face.Does this guy ever smile?

"Happy?" I heard him ask Sydney quietly.Sydney shakes her head at him giving him a smile like a proud mother as i process his words."You can help me with the assignment?" I asked unsure of his knowledge in the subject.

"Yes! He is great at tech. He will surely help you!" Sydney says. Davien rolls his eyes at her enthusiasm. "Umm ok,Let's go to my home,it's nearby."

He nods and i follow him towards the parking lot near the basketball court.The sky changing  from orange to a hue of red. 

As we approach near his car,Louie's car pulls up. Louie raises an eyebrow at me taking in the scene. Vani jumps out of his car and stands between Davien and me. "What are you doing here?" She asks glaring at him. Before i could say something she attacks him with words."I swear if u annoy her another time,i will cut you in pieces and feed you to the devil.

The look in Vani's eyes is enough to scare him. He backs away and looks at me,as if asking me to help him out.I stop my best friend because even though he has been a jerk before,he is helping me out. "Vani! He isn't annoying me.He is here to help me with the assignment." I watch as Vani relaxes and narrows her eyes at Davien.Louis pulls her up to his car " We will meet you tomorrow Nev."He yells pulling a whimpering Vani to his car.


The car drive to my home was silent except when  we exchanged names and when he asked me for directions or about the assignment. Davien pulls up the car in our driveway.As i enter my house,a bucket full of blue paint is thrown towards me." What the hell!" 

"You look beautiful sister" El laughs. I shout as i chase my brother across the living room smeared in paint. I finally catch him and capture him in a headlock when i realise my Dad's presence as he is seated on the couch laughing at me.

I smack El and let him go and see my Dad's eyebrow raised in amusement. I follow his eyes to the door and realise Davien is standing there taking in the scene trying to control his laughter pulling on a small smile on his lips. This is the first time i have seen him smile. It looks way better than the serious face he puts on.

"Nevaeh dear.Is this your new friend or.." My dad smiles at me with a 'i know it all' look. "No Dad !" Wait is he my friend..probably not... "He is Davien."

"Hello" Davien says putting up a smile as my dad nods at him with a smile. Where is his ego? I wonder if he is someone else for a second. There is a huge contrast between the laptop breaker i met in the morning and the green eyed hoodie guy who agreed on helping me. 


"I can't believe we completed this in an hour!" I exclaim. "Yeah." He says.I jump in excitement and he lets out a soft  laugh at my outburst of happiness. We walk in the kitchen where Mum is. She smiles at me and Davien. 

I prop up on the island and sneak two cookies from the jar kept on the island. I am about to stuff my face with both cookies when i see Davien watching me with a amused expression.Me being the great human being i am pass one cookie to him.He takes it gladly and munches on it.Maybe underneath the expressionless guy lies a person who still has his childlike moments. 

El walks downstairs,when we walk towards the door."Leaving already?" El asks Davien. "Yes Elij but i'll see you around mate" Davien says. When did they grow so familiar?

"Your family is sweet. and the biscuits were delicious."Davien says as we walk out the door. "Biscuits? They were cookies!" He rolls his green eyes at me giving me a 'i don't care' look. 

 "I'll leave,mum and Angie must be waiting." I assumed Angie to be his sister. "What about your Dad?" I ask him casually. I see his facial expression change and his shoulders tense. "It's none of your business." He snaps and pulls his hood up further his head walking away to his car. What the hell happened? He was so good just now and snaps me all of a sudden.This guy is too weird.

"To the basement!" El yells as i enter the house. I run after him as we race to the basement. "Talk!" He hands me a slip of paper. 

"Any information?" I ask. He nods his head and turns his laptop screen to me. "Have a look! This is the grumpy man who shouted at us when we were at the park yesterday." "NO way! You got his number?" I exclaim shock evident in my voice.

"Yes! He is Mr.Johnson.Prank no.23" He smirks proud of his search. I dial up the number.A male voice answers the call. I put up a serious tone."Hello.Am i speaking to Mr.Johnson?" 

"Yes.Who's this?" He replies." I am the building inspector and i want to inform you that your house is extended in your neighbours property,so you either make an agreement with your neighbour or your house will be broken down by the council." I state as El tries his best to control his laughter. The man starts talking in a panicked state."But i built my house just a month ago.I can't let you break it down" 

"We can't help you there sir." I sigh and continue. "You have two days to consult your neighbour." I say. He blabbers in a rushed voice panicking as i hang up on him. El laughs out loud "I can't believe he was actually panicking. He would call the council head and make a fool out of himself." El says between laughter.

This is almost our daily basis routine. We prank call certain people and sometimes it is too much fun.I chuckle and hand him a controller as we start playing on the Xbox.


Hey Humans!

What do you think about their prank?

Stay safe.


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