100% Perfect Ch.11

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100% Perfect Ch.11

**Bailey's POV

  Gordon sipped at his coffee, staring relentlessly at Poppy. I poked the eggs on my plate. Poppy wolfed down her bacon, apparently never tasty anything so bacony.

"So uh, Poppy, you say the government is going to find us while your with us...your with us now aren't you?" Mom said. 

"They can't find us until I send out the signal that I've found you from the chip in my shoulder, which I won't be doing, so it's all good. You guys have a scalpel right?" Poppy said, totally normal.

Yep. Totally normal to be in the middle of Windsor, Missouri, running from the government. Totally normal to have two genetically altered thirteen year old twins in an old rickety house. Totally normal alright! 

"Uh, yeah. I think I have some medical supplies in my suitcase..." Gordon said cautiously.

"Good. Any way you can cut this tracker chip off me? If they find out I'm in one place too long they'll come looking." Poppy said.

"How did they even find us in the first place?" Mom asked.

"Same way they always do. Bailey." Poppy said, waving her hand in my direction. "She has a tracker chip in her left wrist. The only way to deactivate it is to use mine." 

Mom looked stunned.

"Er, how do you do that?" Gordon asked, confused and shocked.

"Simple. You cut the tracker chip out of my ankle and wave it around Bailey's wrist. Like magnets they should attract and dissipate." Bailey explained.

"And how do you know this?" Mom asked.

"I can hack a computer. Easy." Poppy was shooting answers to questions out at the speed of a machine gun, still shoveling food into her mouth. Yeah, she was hungry alright. I nibbled on the edge of my bacon. Gordon looked at mom.

"Normal breakfast, huh?"

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