Chapter 2 | Confused Feelings

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It was now just before midday on Coruscant. Ahsoka along with Anakin and Obi-Wan had left on that mission she discussed with you last night involving an ancient Jedi distress code. As you sit in your room meditating you receive a call which emanates from your comm link, so you answer it.

"(y/n), Master Yoda has informed me that you will be accompanying the younglings at their training today." 'Oh, how exciting.'

"Very well Master, I will attend their training." You quickly reply then hang up. You jump up from your seat and leave your new quarters, making you way towards the training room where the younglings were often taught. The same place where he taught you and Ahsoka all those years ago.

You arrive to the room, an enter silently as Master Yoda continues instructing the younglings. There were only 6 of them, usually a class would consist of close to 20. They were all training using the force, deflecting harmless laser fire from a droid while they couldn't see. They were older younglings, probably preparing to become padawans and construct their lightsabers soon. They all deflected the shots with ease, except one boy who was tense and shaking.

"Petro, reach out and feel the force around you, rely on your feelings, you must." Said the Grand Master speaking to the struggling youngling. Master Yoda acknowledges your presence with a small smile before looking back to his class.

"Younglings, a visitor I have brought." He called out. All of the padawans proceeded to switch of their lightsabers and lift their helmet up to see you standing next to Master Yoda.

"Padawan (l/n), this is." Master Yoda informs.

"Hello Padawan (l/n)." All the younglings said in unison.

"Good morning everyone." You replied.

"Today padawan (l/n), teach you about being a padawan, he will." Master Yoda says as he nods for you to step forward and speak.

"Soon, when the time is right all of you will be paired with a Jedi Knight who will help you in your training towards becoming an independent Jedi Knight yourselves. Now, the relationship between a Master and their Padawan is the tightest bond a Jedi can have. You will have to trust them in every situation no matter what. There will be times you may feel like that your Master is wrong and you know the right thing to do...maybe, but your Master has the responsibility to ensure that you are safe and well trained. Over my time as a padawan, if I had not listened to my Master when I thought I was in the right...I wouldn't be here speaking to you all right now." You explained clearly. The younglings all concentrated on as you had just dawned the harsh reality of becoming a Jedi to them.

After some further discussion with the younglings, you would watch them train, feeling the force around them as they attempted to lift rocks into the air. You wandered around the group, providing guidance as they attempted to channel the force through them. The Wookie youngling was the first to manage to lift his rock up and float it in mid-air.

"Good job Gunji." You said to the young Wookie. You then noticed Petro struggling to lift his rock, only able to shake it on the ground. So you accompanied him on the ground, sitting in front of him with your legs crossed, the same as him.

"You need to feel Petro, feel the force flow through your body, ignore your surroundings and focus." Petro let out one loud breath before he shut his eyes and calmed himself. You could feel him grow tighter with the force. The stone started to slowly just inch off the ground, he was making progress. But it was short lived as the rock fell back to the ground and a groan of anger fell from Petro's mouth.

"I can't do it." He groans to you.

"Yes you can, you need to feel and know that you can do it." You replied.

"I guess, I'll give it another try." He sighed.

"No, you will do, or do not, there is no try." You interjected. You sensed Master Yoda look towards you as you said those words, perhaps he took a liking to them. Petro refocused himself and stayed as still as possible as he focused once again on his task.

Petro took slow and peaceful breaths while he rested his hands gently on his knees. You watched the rock closely. This time it did not shake one bit. It just slowly lifted off of the ground and continued to rise, slowly coming to a stop when it reached your eye level.

"Well done, Petro." You said with a clear smile on your face, he then slowly lowered the rock and opened his eyes.

"Thank you Padawan (l/n)" He gushed with excitement. You then got up and stood beside Master Yoda as he instructed the younglings to his attention.

"Now, before he goes, tell you about constructing you lightsabers, Padawan (l/n) will." Master Yoda told the younglings. They all looked at you in excitement as they awaited for you to speak.

"Soon, it will be time for you to construct your very own lightsaber. You will travel to a distant planet where you will find your own kyber crystal." You took your lightsaber and hovered it above your hands as you open it with the force, revealing your kyber crystal. You re-assemble your weapon and grab it with one hand while you hold your crystal with the other.

"This crystal..." You announce holding the crystal between your two fingers.

"Is what will power your saber, but first you will need to obtain it..." You state closing your hand into a fist around the crystal.

"There is no greater challenge or honour as a Jedi, your greatest weaknesses and strengths will be tested as you try to obtain this crystal, and only you will know which one is yours." You explained.

"Can we work together?" Zat asked.

"That is up to you my friend. Whether you feel through the force that teamwork will get you there is all decided by only you." You replied. You now think back to when you obtained your crystal.


You were struggling to find your way through a maze of dark, tight caverns to where you just knew your crystal was waiting. Ahsoka who has been your best friend while training came up to you as she was searching for hers, she placed her hand on your shoulder stopping you from continuing to stress out and panic, and relax for a second.

"(y/n), relax, feel, you know which way to go, close your eyes and the force will show you the way." She said in a calm melodic voice. You then took a deep breath and entered the caverns, later on finding your (color) crystal.

~End Flashback~

'She is such a kind and generous person to help me while she looked for hers.' You started to trail out of reality as you began to think about how perfect Ahsoka was in every way. Her skill, her kindness, her intelligence...her beauty. 'What (y/n), what are you doing thinking about that?' you mentally curse yourself for such thoughts.

"Padawan, time to go it is." Master Yoda said looking up to you with a curious eye. 'He couldn't tell what I was thinking about, could he?'

"Thank you Padawan (l/n), you gave us a great lesson today." Petro said walking up to you.

"The pleasure is mine Petro, I had a great time today." You replied smiling. You then left the training grounds and made your way towards the dining hall, as you were quite hungry. 'Why am I thinking about Ahsoka like that? I've never felt this way towards anyone.' You were confused as to what these feelings were, once again you shook of the thought and focused on what you were going to eat. It was something you will deal with later.

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