Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

I sit on the edge of the sidewalk in front of the Walgreens, taking a drag from a cigarette and watching the thin clouds of smoke curl up into the starless night sky. My mind is all out of sorts and it was impossible for me to fall asleep in my bed at home, so I decided to get some fresh air, and the Walgreens parking lot seemed like the perfect place to get it. I needed something to do with my hands, however, so I brought a pack of cigarettes with me so I can try to relax a little more. I still feel slightly on edge I'll admit, but that's only because I'm missing the one thing that I truly need to make me happy again. I don't know how to get it because I'm completely broke. I swore to myself that I would never have the urge to do cocaine again but every time I made myself promise this I would always end up reverting back to my original, desperate state. The state of needing the drug more than anything else; more than sleep, more than food or drink, more than friends, more than---Daniel.

This devastating realization hits me like a tidal wave and my vision starts to blur from threatening tears. I quickly wipe my eyes and a few minutes later I put out the cigarette I was smoking and rise up to stand.

I straighten out my black crop top and run my fingers through my tousled blonde hair right as a dark blue pickup truck pulls into a parking space a few feet away from me. I have a tough time making out the driver's face and he or she doesn't step out of their truck until I start walking in the opposite direction. I hear the car door slam and turn my head slightly, catching a brief glimpse of the driver. My breathes catches a little when I see who it is.

The guy has tan skin and slick black hair with equally dark eyes. He's wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a tight grey tank top that shows off his toned abs underneath. It's Daniel's brother's friend, Luis. I have only had one brief exchange with him when I went to visit Daniel at his apartment and he answered the door instead.

One part of me wants to keep walking in this direction, away from him, while the other part of me, the one I've tried so hard to suppress, whispers encouragingly for me to approach him. I bet you can guess which side wins.

At first he doesn't notice me walking towards him; he's too busy with what looks like texting on his phone. I then clear my throat lightly and his head immediately shoots up from looking at his phone. I can see his eyes cloud over in confusion for a few fleeting seconds before lighting up in recognition.

"I've seen you before, haven't I?" He asks me, a hint of a smile forming across his lips.

"Yep, you have. Luis, right?" I reach out my hand to him and he readily shakes it.

"How's it going, uh, damn, sorry I forgot your name," he says, chuckling.

"Nora," I answer, flashing him an innocent smile.

"Ah, that's right, Nora." He nods to himself before asking me the same question he started to ask me before. "Wassup?"

"Oh, nothing really," I shrug, pretending to look really bored. I let out a small sigh and an amused expression plays onto his face. "What's the matter?" He asks me, "Nothing to do on a Monday night?"

"Yeah, I guess," I reply with a shrug to my shoulders. "I thought I could come here and find something fun to do but it looks like I'm out of luck."

There's a slight pause as I watch Luis shuffle his feet before his eyes travel up my long, thin legs dressed up in black fishnet tights and they seem to finally rest on my tight black leather shorts then. He bites down on his lip and says in a low voice, "Maybe you're not out of luck quite yet."

Even though my heart is beating wildly against my rib cage, I still let a suggestive smile dance across my glossy lips. "Do you want to?--"

"Get in my truck?" He interrupts me, his brown eyes hinting at something I myself could have never found the courage to say. "Sure, lets do it."

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