Chapter 2 - Explanation

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Eventually after a lot of persuading everyone sat down in disbelief. Once the lights turned on you got a good look at everyone, they were all wearing pajamas, holding their weapons tight. "So you guys really are from a different universe?" You nod at captain America who's gaze was flicking back and forth from the team and your group.

"Hold on... so if you are the Sherlock Holmes... prove it, do that deduction stuff,"

"They have movies about us, Clint," Stark looks at Sherlock. "Tell me something about what I did today," Sherlock smirks and takes a second to scan Stark up and down.

"You recently went out with your significant other, and before this, you were awake working on something important, easily downing energy drinks filled with caffeine,"


"Recently manicured nails, gel in hair, not the type for a causal day, dark circles under the eyes and twitching fingers, not to mention the empty red bull can in the kitchen," everyone looks at Sherlock in shock before Moriarty interjects.

"He was asleep, look at the dents in arm, he was sleeping against a desk," Sherlock sighs and agrees with Moriarty.

"Not a desk," everyone looks at you. "Look at the front of his shirt, oil, he was most likely sleeping on a creeper when oil dropped on his shirt,"

"That would explain the bruise on the forehead," Sherlock mumbles.

"As annoying as I find it, sometimes you guys are brilliant," John comments with a smile as you all look up to the Avengers who had wide eyes and open mouths.

"That was extraordinary!" Thor boomed. "You all are very intelligent, what sorcery did you use?"

"That wasn't magic, Thor, that was deduction!" Bruce exclaimed in delight, stopping when he turns to sherlock. "But... if you are Sherlock Holmes, and he's John Watson... does that mean... he's really James Moriarty?" Jim scowls.

"It's Jim, and yes I really am the Jim Moriarty," Bruce gulps as Clint prepares his bow.

"What's wrong?" Cap asks, obviously never having heard of Moriarty.

"He's a murderer," Moriarty lets out a dark chuckle as you roll your eyes.

"I don't like to get my hands dirty..." Natasha drew out her dagger as you nervously fiddle with your sleeves.

"You're still a murderer," Tony sneers.

"From what I've heard, everyone here is," Moriarty leans back in his chair with a satisfied smirk. The team averts their gaze, but Natasha keeps her eyes on Jim.

"Anyways..." you change the subject quickly. "So, who is exactly here? I can see the main 6 but is Wanda here?"

"The Maximoff twins are on a mission with Vision and Barnes," Stark confirms. You let out a sudden cough of surprise.

"Pietro is alive?!" Clint nods.

"Should he be dead?" He asks concerned.

"Well he should've died saving your life, but this is fantastic! And even Bucky is here-" then a thought dawned on you.

"Let me guess you're wondering if he's alive?" John turns to your pout.

"If he's dead I'm pulling a Jim," your grunt makes Jim laugh.

"Is that a good thing or bad thing?" John grimaces at the thought. You give him a 'oh what do you think' look.

"He?" Stark looks at you for an answer before Sherlock inputs himself into the conversation.

"Her favourite character. She wont ever stop talking about him," you shush Sherlock as he continues. "To quote 'the greatest character to ever exist on screen and in comics played by the best looking person on the planet'. Am I correct?" You scowl and throw your pen at Sherlock who glares your way.

"Now I'm interested, who has taken this title in your books?" Thor gestured for you to continue. A chuckle escapes your lips as you look for help from John, getting nothing more than a shrug.



"Myfavouritecharacterisloki," you repeat even quicker this time.

"Slow down," You sigh and repeat the confession waiting for the outburst.

"My favourite character is- Loki..." just as predicted shouts of protest and shock fill the room. "Fuck you, Holmes," Sherlock grins and nudges you as the team continues to shout.

"What in the name of the nine realms is going on?!" Everyone turns their head to the green and black clad man in the hall way. Letting out a squeak you gently hit sherlocks chest multiple times, trying to form a sentence. He rolls his eyes and grabs your hand, stopping your coping mechanism.

"It's him- it's him- it's-" John slaps a hand over your mouth to shut you up.

"Brother, glad for you to join us," Thor happily claps his brother on the back once Loki approached with a glare.

"Who are these mortals? They are not from here..."

"Can you sense the misplacement?" Loki replies with a nod. "Well, this is Lady Y/n L/n, Sir Sherlock Holmes, Sir John son of Wat and Sir Jim Moriarty,"

"It's Watson and John is fine, no need for the sir part," Watson corrects as Sherlock and you agree.

"I quite like the sir part, makes me feel higher,"

"Jim, you wore the Crown Jewels once, shut up," Moriarty grumbles a few swears your way.

"Crown Jewels? As in the ones in the Tower of London?" Bruce's eyes expand as he looks nervously at Moriarty.

"Yeah, this idiot decided to break into the vault to wear the Crown Jewels and purposely put on trial to showcase his power by getting set free. Blah blah blah, he threatens to kill everyone Sherlock loves if Sherlock doesn't kill himself, unexpectedly they both fake their deaths and yada yada two years later they turn out to both be alive and here we are," you end your ramble by slapping both boys on the head. John laughs quietly as the teams faces read as disturbed.

"Alright... well, how are you getting back?" Smiling you pat the pocket of your lab coat. The colour from your face drains as the pocket feels empty.

"Y/n..." you start to pat down each pocket frantically.

"Funny story..." Moriarty takes out his gun and pretends to shoot himself in the head. "Stop being dramatic," he grins and places the gun down. "Right... so..."

"Are we stuck here?!" You wince at Johns volume. "Sorry, it's just remember Rosie? Thank god I left her with Molly,"

"It's fine, it's fine," you dial a few numbers which thankfully reached! This was a good sign, you may be able to go home.



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