My older brother!

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"Uh." I sighed softly, as the empty Cap'N crunch box fell from leaning against the inside of the refrigerator. Immediate disappointment sketch it's self a pone my face i'm sure.

It always seems to amaze me how he always has money for drugs, alcohol & women. But he can't replace a GODDAMN box of Cap'n crunch!!

The dirty basterd even ate the crumbs which he knows for a fact that is my absolute favorite part! To think i call him my guardian.

As soon as i finish my thought the door busrts open revealing a drunk Luke and some very high women. And i didn't even have to turn around to know that by the way im psychic! actually i'm not, any-who back to my cereal i-

"Alli?" said luke.

hold that thought....

"Yes, lucy dear?" i hope my voice was sickly as sweet as i imagine it to be at this moment, with my eyebrow raised knowning fully well he hates when i call him that in front of company. especially hookers.

Luke's eyebrows became parallel as the hookers on his sides along with his so called "friend" came in a little while after, the women giggling as if they inhaled laughing gas or something.

Ugh sweet mother of caramel ice-cream with whipped-cream ontop, seriously just what i needed...

If my sarcasm wasn't noticed before it's prone to be unmistakable now. I just barely managed to restrain myself from slinging the steel pot at jakes nose, as i saw the way Jake was bluntly undressing me with his eyes, while i stand with my hand on the closed refrigerator door now holding the empty box of cap'n crunch looking like a kicked puppy.

What don't judge me, without my midnight-munchies i'd be trying to claw my way into someones store like a zombie or something. Which would cause mutiple amouts of damage, to my gut that is. Then i'd be barricaded into my room happily for as long as noone interrupts me trust me when i wake up at midnight to get my munch on I DO NOT LIKE TO BE DISTURBED and I've also been told i'm quite scary which i doubt.

"Allen, baby i missed you my beautiful smore" jake said, with a perverted grin, i cringe back a few steps remembering how i always hated that darn expression though if he grins any harder his new name will be the grinch.

I relaxed & chuckled as i saw the way my brother was unmistakable planning jakes death as he stared daggers into his head.

My brother could be and asswhole (yes i'm aware that i spelled asshole that way cause he's a very whole one sometimes, if you get my meaning.) sometimes, but he is my older brother after all, I cracked a small smile at that.

Ignoring jakes existent altogether and looking back at luke while jake started pouting-being his dramatic self as usual i raisd my brow at my brother as if telling him to continue with speaking and so he did.

Blocking out most of what luke was saying all i could really think about was the overgrowning hunger for something sweet to devour whole.

But as my mission continued for the search of the snacks through the cabinets & realising i failed with a howl from my stomach. All while trying to listen to luke while not clawing my ears because of the fake giggles.

All i really heard was "be out all night...cook dinner for me put tit in the frig, ahaha i said tit"

"No luke, you're drunk I'm not cooking you anything cause you'll just waste it, forget it in the fridge then i'll find it a few days later. Spoiled." i said. My paitents already running thinner then usual.

"Alvin, I'm no were near dru-"

"It's allen & yeah ya are." It should be soon that he'll get sleepy from all the alcohol, or fall face-first into the carpeted floor, he's already stumbling. He better not vomit again, if the alcohol doesn't, i'll kill'em myself if he does.

"Same thing & i'm not" he said.

"Sing the theme song from barney" i shifted most of my weight on my right leg while trying not to topple over as my grown twenty-eight year old brother tryed to remember the lyrics.

He should know it by automatic, i blast it everymorning as payback for frustrating me....

End of chapter #1 hope you liked it and it didnt suck! please vote & leave comments if you don't mind.

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