Wednesdays at Wesley's

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Wednesdays at Wesley's

Genre: College Romantic Comedy


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When Chika's internet gets shut off with a paper due in the morning, she spends the entire night at Wesley's, the only 24hr coffee shop with wifi. Her only problem is the aggravating frat boy working the night shift.


After spending her entire Wednesday night stuck at Wesley's with Amandi Eze, Alpha Chi's favourite member and charming socialite, Chika tries to get his infuriating face out of her head.

However, when she gets off the waitlist for CIN213: Horror Cinema, she stumbles into the class almost four weeks late and right into the seat next to Amandi who is more than eager to help her catch up on the coursework. Without realizing, the two end up at Wesley's every Wednesday to study when Amandi has his overnight shift.

The cocky and overambitious guy Chika met that first Wednesday night slowly starts to turn into someone that she can no longer see herself referring to as just any other frat boy. But when unwanted feelings start to come creeping up to the surface, Chika's dislike for Amandi's greek lifestyle stands between them, and Chika refuses to back down from the promise she made years ago.

Never date a frat brother.


character aesthetics

Chakrika 'Chika' O'Donnell

Chakrika 'Chika' O'Donnell

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Amandi Eze


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sundress - asap rocky

boy bye - brockhampton

borderline - tame impala

cuba - theophilus london

running out of time - tyler, the creator

whiplash - theophilus london ft. tame impala

the only difference - beatchild, the slakadeliqs, justin nozuka


Warnings: alcohol and drug (cannabis) use - all characters are of legal age for Ontario, Canada (19) where the story is set. there will either be fade-to-black scenes were sex is implied or I might just throw it all in the trash and actually write them.



- our main guy is bisexual, if that's an issue for you as a reader then yippity out of here.

- chakrika is mixed, indian and irish (born in canada) but her name is a mouthful so she's chika. amandi's family is originally from nigeria but he was born in canada as well.

- story is set in toronto but the university is completely fictional and doesn't exist. also, for the majority of the time, frats in canada are very different from well...america. most of the time the university/college does not acknowledge them as a group and so they just run on their own. they are much more low-key and nowadays don't really have many problems. they are mostly just there to throw parties with awful beer so that freshmen can drink without getting caught.

The chapters are being written then immediately posted; editing will happen when the book is complete!


things to look forward to:

- late nights in the city

- vintage horror movies (yes, I took a horror cinema class and today is the day I get my money's worth)

- live music in little bars

- pretentious visits to museums

- being forced to stand close to each other on a subway

- 60,000ish words of two idiots falling in love


Frequent updates weekly!

(^ like I'm literally trying to write this whole book in a few weeks so please be ready for very fast updates)

- Ellie x

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