two: kotaro bokuto

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wow alternating povss

"You're... really pretty," I blurted out. The beautiful pale-skinned guy in front of me stared at me with this weird, astounded look before ducking his head and brushing past me, his black curly hair tingling against my arm.

"Thank you," I heard him mutter. And just like that, he was gone. He seemed pretty stressed actually, but I couldn't understand how such a gorgeous person would be anxious right now. I twisted my body, turning my head to try and refind him, but he was out of sight.

I sighed dramatically, looking down at the carrier in my hands before walking into the vet clinic, defeated. But before I could get a step in, my foot rolled over a tiny ball on the ground and I froze, lifting my heel from the floor so I wouldn't trip and completely kill the animal chilling in the carrier.

Crouching down, I picked up the spherical object from the tiles. It was a volleyball, only softer and squishier. And a lot smaller. I blinked, holding it in my hand as I stood back up and looked around. It must have fallen from the literal angel who bumped into me a few minutes ago. Pursing my lips, I walked up to the front desk and quickly checked myself in, deciding to bring the topic up.

"I think the dude with the curly hair dropped this," I said, holding up the tiny volleyball, unsure of what to expect.

The lady at the counter tilted her head in thought. "You can leave it at the table over there," she suggested, pointing to a small desk at the corner, "for when he comes again. But actually, I think he works at the Mr. Purrpose pet store nearby. You might be able to give it to him there."

"Okay! Thanks!" I grinned, bobbing my head in a nod and walking away. I really wanted to know who that guy was. My gay ass was quaking.

I plopped down on a bench in the waiting room, putting the carrier next to me. The yellow feline eyes of the dark-furred cat inside of it looked like they were staring into my soul and I could swear a smug grin was tucked into his face. It was like he was mocking me...

"Shut the fuck up, Kuroo," I shot, glaring angrily at the black furry cat inside of the carrier, flipping him off. "It's not my fault I'm gay. You probably are too."

The grin on the cat's face didn't seem to leave; in fact, it only grew.

"Geez! Aren't you supposed to be scared?" I huffed. "We're at the vet's, you piece of shit. Be more afraid."


Kotaro Bokuto is my name.

A nature photographer, and now the owner of this cat I call Kuroo, who's a son of a bitch but I don't actually know who his parents are. We're bros for life.

I adopted him two years ago during an adoption event. Actually, I didn't want to raise him, I was saving up to adopt an owl. But then, my mom, who was visiting the event with me, got slapped in the face by his "beauty" and basically forced me to adopt him since my place was animal friendly and "she would take care of him." For the first few months of him staying with me at my apartment, my mom would always help buy his needs and pay for his treatment. After that, she stopped assisting me and moved to America, and now I'm stuck with him.

Kuroo is a black Burmese cat with golden-yellow eyes. I don't understand why, but he has a chic fringe of fur covering his right eye. Why the fuck did his parents make him like that???

He's always looking at me like he's better than me. Even when he's shitting. And he always needs my attention. Once, he barged into my bathroom and clawed at me while I took a shower. He has a smug face and derpy eyes, but he manages to pull it off which is why nobody questions it. I don't understand-

Nonetheless, I still love him. He's totally grown on me, and I'm not the proudest to admit that. But it's alright because all that matters is that he's my best bro, favorite pet, and the only being that makes me feel useful in this world; after all, if not for me, this bastard might be dead.

After the appointment, I walked out of the clinic before remembering I forgot Kuroo and getting him back from the waiting room. All throughout the car ride home, he kept staring at me and grinning like a moron. The toy volleyball was rolling lifelessly next to his carrier, and I kept glancing at it to make sure it didn't roll away.

"That guy was pretty, huh?" I asked, breaking the silence, with my hands on the steering wheel. "I want to see him again! Humans are nature, I can take a picture of him, right?" I turned my head to look at Kuroo during a red light, but he just gazed at me. "Well, I have an excuse to see him again anyway. You know, to give him the volleyball."

Kuroo smiled slyly at me, and it took me a while to register the or-you-could-give-him-your-balls look on his face. I scoffed angrily, looking away dramatically as the green lights popped on and slamming my foot down on the pedals. "Fuck you! I don't even know his name yet."

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