Chapter 145

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Evelyn had been venturing the—what seemed to be—boundless Royal Garden for about an hour now, on foot. Two out of the four vampires who were designated to take care of her, trailed behind at a distance that couldn’t be more than a hundred yards or so. She had made it perfectly obvious that she doesn’t appreciate people breathing down her neck. She gets enough of that from Zayn, and occasionally from the pain in the ass that was Jonah. She didn’t want to receive the same treatment from these two.

Two of them them had insisted to be her guard dogs and escort her while the other two stayed to guard her room. Evelyn didn’t know why they were taking so much precautions. She was only taking a walk, within the palace walls, and under the ever watchful eyes of the robotic guards who were doing their hourly round. There was no possible way she could escape—Evelyn guessed the guards were overestimating her abilities.

She wondered to herself why the palace was so heavily guarded. Don’t like a hundred or something immortals live here in some shape or form? Actually, those are probably just the Royals. If she were to count the security guards and all the staff as well, the total would probably come up to something close to a thousand, or two, or three, or four… Evelyn didn’t know. Even after being her for so long, she had only seen the insides of that one building which she lived in, and parts of the gardens. Zayn really didn’t like her leaving his sights, or advancing too far from her prison of room.

The palace of huge, she was smart enough to know that anything Zayn Nocturne Malik owned was probably overly extravagant to match his profigat lifestyle. She wish she was allowed to see more of it. But that probably wouldn’t please Zayn. He liked to keep her to himself, as another way of plucking away the feathers on her once long and eloquent wings that signified her freedom. 

Maybe it enticed him to have her crippled and isolated in his playground, ready to be preyed upon like a helpless doe.

As she walked, she wondered what life would be like if Zayn was a real villain; the type who just wanted to kill and conquer; the type that existed in books, the one sided villains with no substance beside from their evilness. She wondered what life would be like if he wanted to kill her instead of loving her… If he wanted to kill her, she would be dead, definitely. Evelyn wasn’t sure which universe terrified her the most. The universe that she lived in now, or the imagined universe where Zayn wanted Evelyn dead? She would probably choose the imagined universe. He would kill her easily. A quick death would be preferred to a long and painful death.

Her mind went back to the night they met.

She remembered the emptiness in his eyes, and that sharp pan of sorrow she felt when he flashed her a brief smile before he left. When she first met him, she thought he was a good guy. She liked him. He seemed… vulnerably sweet, and deviously handsome. If he had played his cards a little differently, she was certain she would have liked him, and they could have become great friends… If only her friendship was enough for him. 

Since that night, under the torture of Zayn Malik’s jealous driven hands, Evelyn had lost so much. Right now, she was hanging onto her will to live by the skin of her teeth.

As she walked, as cold air filled her warm lungs, and fresh oxygen pumped through her body. Maybe it was the change of scenery, or maybe it was the pressure of Lucifer’s offer to kill Zayn, but Evelyn’s mind came to analyse Zayn in a way she had never done before.

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