Chapter 143

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Chapter 143

Evelyn sat in the centre of her bed.

Her room was empty of servants.

The blossoming white rose, wrapped in a thick white cloth, lay on the bed next to her. Its thorns were extremely sharp, and Evelyn had been careful to handle it with care, in case she pricks her finger. Bleeding in a palace full of vampires wasn’t one of her dream scenarios.

She had a small plateful of bacon and fried cubes of potatoes in her lap, and she was hungrily devouring it with a spoon. It tasted good. She didn’t realise how hungry she was until the first flavour of the crispy bacon hit her taste buds, and oh heavens, was it sublime.

The mouthfuls of bacon and fried potatoes were full of grease, but she didn’t mind. 

Plateful after plateful of godly cuisines later, Evelyn had demolished more than three quarters of the immense amount of foods originally brought to her by the servants. She washed it all down with several glasses of orange juice and some chicken soup.

When Evelyn had absolutely satisfied her hunger, she poured herself a mug of freshly brewed coffee, curled her fingers around the warm china, and leaned back against the cushioned headboard of her bed. She let out a deep breath.

All that nourishing substances were having an effect on her body. Now that her stomach was no longer empty, her mind cleared a little and she was able to focus again. She could almost feel her brain functioning at a much more efficient and alert rate. She took sips of her sweet and creamy coffee. The cursed fatigue began to fade also.

It wasn’t until now, did she finally glanced over to the white rose that soundlessly and motionlessly accompanied her as she ate like a hungry pig before thanksgiving.

She should have ranked her priorities better. Surely, a white rose that may or may not be from the devil himself was more important than stuffing her face. Evelyn should have, but that doesn’t mean she regretted a thing. Anyway, it was a rose. It wasn’t going anywhere. That, and the fact she was too hungry to think clearly anyway.

The enthralling scent of food was too much of a distraction for her, and she was extremely hungry. Asking her to concentrate on what happened in her dream and that stupid rose was like asking a nympho to not to get an erection in a strip club full of strippers with tits the size of basketballs.

Her hand rubbed her slightly bloated stomach and gingerly picked up the rose. She made sure only the tips of her fingers made contact with the dangerous planet, and they only touched the few thorn-less surface of the stem.

“I swear this thing has more thorns than petals,” Evelyn muttered under her breath. Surely, Lucifer could have given this thing some shaving. Does he want me to pop a vein in my hand and bleed to death? She wondered to herself and laughed at the dramatic tone of the voice inside her head. Most probably, you know what they say; never trust the devil.

The tip of her index finger touched the edge of a rose petal. It was so soft and luscious.

She wanted to pull it off and see what happens. Certainly, this can’t be the rose Lucifer had given her in her dream, can it? If it was not, then what was this little white rose doing under her bed? She felt stupid just wondering what could happen.

Would a magic puff of smoke appear in the middle of the room, and a scary red guy with horns and a tail appear? Evelyn rolled her eyes at the ridiculousness of her own thought.

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