Set Backs Lead to Come Backs

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We're all so young to judge the outcome to our life. We all think our life's are horrible, but this is just our beginning; we have so much potential. Our life is like a glow stick, so fragile. We accidentally break, we seem main stream, but we're still amazing. Kids marvel over it, but we just push it off. We never know the right time we're going to break our glow stick like we'll never know when we truly break. It may get little cracks, but it lasts along time. We're bright and individuals. Some are alike, but we're linked in different ways to make a pattern. At our end of our shine people often throw us away and leave us, but a few little kids cry over us being gone. Do you know what parents do? They just give kids another!

Our life's are like a glow stick. We can be topped off, bigger, smaller, and more bendable. The parent who throws it away are like our friends. In our deepest time or when we're leaving they throw it away. You can always get another one right? Once again your wrong! Every glow stick breaks at a different point, shines a different brightness, has a different shade. These things may seem slight, but it makes them special, just like us. We have different colors, different things that break us, and different shades of skin.
No ones alike and no one I replaceable!

Next time you look at a glow stick think about its individuality, just like every time you meet a person give your self a moment to truly appreciate what makes a person special. Live to find your self! Live to appreciate your individuality! Have you ever heard the term "there are at least 4 other people in this world who look like you? This maybe true, but NO-ONE is the same!
It's the inside that counts! What you see in the mirror doesn't matter and what others see you as doesn't matter! The only thing that does matter is how you see yourself in life? If you cry about you being poor then you are poor, your poor in hope. If your rich and greedy your poor, your poor in love. Love your self and who you are! Remember that for me please!

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