Sorry About The Tiles

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Gordon's POV

The first thing we see when we get back to the house a few days after the full moon is a distraught Precious on the porch.  No wonder Trist's been acting like a junkie who can't find their next fix.  We all watch as the naked Tristan sprints to the porch, pulling on the sweats she left for him by 'their tree'.

Alba, Roger thinks immediately and we all stare at the house.  It's shit how fast Roger blames Alba for everything.  She's hardly been here a week and she's already got Precious ripping her hair out, Roger thinks irritably.  It's always harder to shield your thoughts after you've been a wolf - it takes everyone a few days to get their mental walls back up.

It might not be Alba, dad!  Mack protests and Roger turns around, surprised.

Well did Precious ever look like that before Alba got here?  Roger challenges.  I roll my eyes and find the sweatpants Precious left me tucked behind a tree.  I pull them on and find my iPod in the pocket - Precious knows me so well, it's a bit weird.  I put the earphones in and put Eminem on as loud as I can.  He's the only decent thing in this house since Roger kicked Alba out.

This song is dedicated to all the happy people,

All the happy people who have real nice lives;

And have no idea what it's like to be broke as fuck...

 Not me then, I think wryly as I jog up to the house.  Trist is whispering in Precious's ear and she's shaking.  God, I know she's part sprite, but she could at least act tough.

Shut the fuck up Gordon, Trist snarls and I snort as I go up to the top floor - away from everyone else.  I slam my door shut and throw myself onto the bed, mouthing along to Eminem, thinking about Alba as the chorus comes on.

That's rock bottom.

When this life makes you mad enough to kill,

That's rock bottom.

When you want something bad enough to steal,

That's rock bottom.

When you feel like you've had it up to here -

Cause you mad enough to scream but you sad enough to tear.

Alba looked so different when Eoin brought here here all those days ago.  She lost a ton of weight - and she didn't exactly have a lot of it when she left.  Her hair's still the same, that pixie cut only she seems to be able to pull off.  But her eyes - they were what freaked me out the most.  I shudder as I remember the emptiness in her beautiful green eyes.  She was so weary about everything, like we were suddenly gonna turn on her and fight.

But fuck it, if you know the rules to the game play

'Cause when we die we know we're all going the same way.

I turn on the bed and find the picture of Alba the school sent on the little table I keep by the bed.  They hated her there - the way she dressed and her attitude, it was too much for them.  I smile as I see the defiance glinting in her huge green eyes - the make-up she used did something amazing to those eyes, made them at least twice their normal size.  She had her black skinny jeans on and those boots she loved, but you can't see past her thigh in this photo.  All you can see is her tight white blouse - I get why the teachers hated how she dressed, her top three buttons are undone and you can see the bright coloured design on her bra.

No wonder she had guys trailing after her, I think as I look her over.  My half-sister.  She knew she was good looking and she flaunted what she had.  No one here even cared what she did, Roger was so preoccupied with the pack and us guys that Alba brought guys home and no one did anything.  Well, they did.  We all saw those satisfied guys sneaking out after a few hours.

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