Writers Block?

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What is writers block? Put simply, it is what writers call it when they have a hard time writing, their creative juices stop flowing, they have no idea what to write/say next, they loose inspiration, or they don't feel like writing. Must likely, you have had this before, it is inevitable. From time to time, all writers and authors have a bad case of writers block. Though some just wait it out (which can take weeks, months, even years!) while others have steps to get rid of it.

Think of it like the flu. When someone gets the flu they go to the doctor and start taking medicine. However, you can just wait it out- but it may last longer. Think of of having writers block as the flu. This book is your medicine. Whether you take you medicine, or do these steps, is completely up to you! 'What can you possibly do to get rid of writers block?' You might ask. Don't worry, that is why I am here to help you.

The following pages have different tips to overcome writers block. Some of them include; music, excersize, ideas, muse, etc. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what helped you to overcome this. I will then, with your permission, post it and dedicate it to you.

Hope all of this helps you! Happy writting.

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