Chapter 45: Prom

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"It's very crowded." Ansel muttered as we walked into prom, in the school hall.

"I know. I need to find my friends. We've made a plan to kill Godrik tonight." I told him. Ansel nodded and began to scan the crowds.

"Kestrel. She's over there." Ansel said, pointing to her. She was with George, obviously her date. Everyone knew they had a "thing" going on.

I began to follow Ansel towards Kestrel when I saw Kennedy, lurking in the shadows near the double doors.

"You go ahead to Kestrel. Explain everything and who you are. She'll know the truth if you let her take your hand. She'll read your memories." I explained. Ansel nodded and disappeared into the crowd. I turned on my heel and began to make my way towards Kennedy.

She killed Nate. This bitch is gonna pay. I thought angrily. I pushed past people in the crowd, growing closer to the bitch of a witch. Kennedy disappeared into the dark shadows outside.

I stepped into the summer night breeze, listening for Kennedy.

Where is she? I thought suspiciously. That's when a powerful force blasted me through the air, landing me on the concrete. I felt my leg break but heal five seconds later.

"Kennedy." I snarled. Kennedy looked awful. Her hair was frizzy and messed up, she had bags under her eyes and her mascara and eye liner was smudged down her cheeks.

"Rowan." Kennedy retorted in a sinister tone of voice. I got to my feet, feeling my powerful strength rushing through me. She threw out her hand suddenly and a blast of fire just missed my body by inches. Kennedy snarled in anger. I dived through the air and tackled Kennedy to the floor. She screamed in rage and the next thing I knew, I was soaring backwards. I hit the wall behind me hard and fell to the floor like a rag doll.

"Tut tut tut," Kennedy said. "Imagine if I drained all the power from you. That means I'd be draining all the power from the Ley Lines and I'd be unstoppable."

"No!" I cried helplessly. Kennedy laughed and flicked her fingers towards me. A large cut appeared down my cheek and didn't heal. Kennedy smiled in satisfaction.

"And now. I'm gonna absorb your soul." She hissed. Her hand lowered, aimed at my chest and she began to chant in some unknown language. It felt as if an inferno had erupted inside of my body, like my entire essence was being ripped from me.

I'm going to die, I thought hopelessly.

Suddenly, there was a blast of light and there stood Cole and Kestrel together. I smiled in relief and got to my feet, healing but slower than usual. Kestrel walked towards Kennedy's groaning body and raised her hand into the air. Kennedy was lifted up and held in place. Kestrel shouted some word in Latin and Kennedy was catapulted into the air and into the shadows of the trees.

"She's should be dead soon enough." Kestrel said. I sighed in relief.

"I thought I was gonna die." I told her.

"And I thought you wasn't gonna come to prom."

We burst out laughing.

"Look, my dress is ruined." I groaned but when I looked down, there was a small flash and it was as good as new.

"Thankyou." I told Kestrel smiling.

"For what?" Kestrel said. She winked at me and walked back into prom.

* * * * * * *

I sipped my juice as I watched the crowd on the dance floor. The music danced around me, casting me into a fantasy day dream world.

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