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** This chapter depicts the incidents that Nefertari faced from the time Mentus left to fetch Ramses **

Nefertari's P.O.V

I watched as Mentus rushed to fetch Ramses and I was still shocked that he was able to think that Ramses would rush in here and stop the execution. For all I know, Ramses would be the happiest person on earth to see me being executed because he believes that I am a pawn of a game to destroy him.

I looked at my background and took a deep breath knowing what was to happen now. I am going to deliver my baby in a room , with no help whatsoever and that would be after being in pain for hours. I knew the process, as I was with my cousin sister when she gave birth. Seeing her crying in pain and the blood that gushed out of her made me go weak in my knees. It is now my turn to go through all that but I also clearly remember her smile when she saw her daughter. I am sure that I will emerge through this ordeal.

I moved upwards and pushed my upper back against the resting arm on the bed as I would need support because there are no maids to assist me deliver the baby the normal Egyptian way. I was grunting and screaming in pain, when I saw a shadow emerge from the darkness. It was Consort Ivy and it was quite visible how much she enjoyed seeing me in pain , drawing closer to my impending death.

" Nefertari, Do you know that I feel sad to see you go through so much of pain to deliver your child , only to watch him burn to death tomorrow?"

She moved closer to me and whispered in my ear while stroking my hair , "Tomorrow when you and your child will be executed , I will officially become the Queen of Egypt . I will take the reins of this kingdom and enjoy my rights over Egypt and Ramses. In a matter of time every person in this kingdom including Ramses will forget that there was once a Queen called Nefertari. I will become a better version of you."

I looked at her in disgust, she was a woman who would enjoy watching an infant being executed so that she could become a stronger person in this political world . I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear,

" Keep dreaming..... You will never be able to take my place.Do you know why? Because your roots are evil and I act on righteousness. You will never be able act like me because you don't know how to put anyone else's needs before yours."

She got up and left with a huff. It was not in my nature to speak like that to a Consort especially now that she is above my title, but her mean words and my physical pain got the best of me.

Hours passed by and my pain only kept increasing. Even though I didn't want to, I started to scream for help. The consorts and maids that passed by looked at me with pity but no one came forward. I tried to adjust myself against the headboard of the bed but I didn't have the strength to do so. Suddenly a pair of hands pulled me backwards and helped me settle myself. It was already evening, and I had been in labour for almost 12 hours and I was not able to see anything clearly. I squinted my eyes and found that the person who assisted me was a loyal maid who used to serve me .Her name was Ada.

" Thank you Ada but please leave. If you help me , you would be executed along with me, it's the Pharaoh's verdict."

" I know my Queen. I will still help you. You have helped me in every way possible. You assisted my family for years and it is time that I pay you back for your kindness. Even if I would be executed tomorrow , I'll die in peace as I helped you at your weakest moment."

She smiled and got to work. She raised my gown and took a look below. She then looked at me with a smile and said " You are ready , Queen Nefertari. It's time." She then got a bowl of water and some clean clothes and prepared to assist me and I noticed that there was a crowd gathering at the entrance of my chambers as she prepared me. She came to me and started to massage my belly downwards and then she positioned herself and asked me to start pushing. I screamed in pain at the tearing sensation erupting from my lower region and after an hour of grunting and pushing , with no medical herbs to ease my pain , I finally heard the cry of my baby. At this point I was covered with sweat and my blood had tainted my gown and my bed and I couldn't even see anything clearly. I squinted my eyes to take a look at my baby who was crying loudly and all I saw was Ada cutting off the Umbilical cord and cleaning the baby.

I rested my head on the headboard as Ada brought the baby close to me.

"It's a healthy Prince, my Queen" she said tears streaming from her eyes as well. She had wrapped my baby in one of my clean gowns and she gave him into my arms. I looked at my baby and kept him on my chest hoping he would enjoy the warmth of his mother. My vision was blurring by the second and it was probably because I was weak and lost a lot of blood during the delivery but now that I look closely at my baby, it was all worth it. The baby noises that he made filled my heart with happiness and I wished that Ramses was here to see his son who was born healthy despite my weak condition.

If he was born under different conditions , all of Egypt would have celebrated his birth and he would have been wrapped in the most expensive piece of fabric , not in a gown of a maid. Ramses' dream to have a child finally came through but he is not here to at least see the face of his son and when he returns we will both be gone.

I was cooing at my baby when Consort Ivy entered my chambers with her Uncle Raviel and a few harem guards. The guards pulled Ada from her hair and dragged her towards Consort Ivy. Consort Ivy slapped her hard and asked her to put into a dungeon and to be brought to the market square at noon for her execution. Ada turned her head and looked at me and gave me a genuine , warm smile as she was dragged away. The guards came towards me to take my baby away and at once the baby in my arms started to cry aloud. Consort Ivy made a disgusting face and asked the guards to take the baby. I refused to hand over my crying baby to that devil.

I looked at Consort Ivy and said " As per the execution laws of Egypt , a criminal can make one final wish or demand from the officials. My wish is to spend time with my baby until the time for the execution. You can't deny me of my wish , Consort Ivy. If you do so, you will be going over the law of the nation."

She walked towards with me , anger clearly visible on her face as she must have not expected that I would make such a demand. She pulled me by my hair and said " Alright.... Spend as much as time you want with your little Prince. I think you would feel even more pain tomorrow when you see your little prince being burnt alive. His cries of pain will crush your very soul even before your execution. I will enjoy it." Saying that she walked out of my chambers and emptied the hallway which was gathered by spectators. I looked at my prince who was probably crying out of hunger. I slowly loosed my gown from the top and started to breast feed my boy , and he became quiet while drinking his milk. I rested my head on the head board and my thoughts drifted towards Ramses, how much he was missing because he believed in a lie rather than his wife. I started to feel weaker as the time passed by because I was still bleeding and I was not given any medicine to stop the bleeding. I was sitting on a bed covered with my blood , my gown opened up and for the first time in all these months , I felt helpless.

After he was breast fed , I burped him as I had seen other healers doing and I cooed him to sleep. After he fell asleep I examined his features that were sharp, just like his father's. I tried to remember every small detail on his face. I was not afraid of my execution or the whip that will slash my skin 200 times but I was afraid for my son as he would be burnt alive. I prayed to Ra, hoping that a miracle would happen and it would save my Son. I don't mind dying but my son should live as he is the rightful heir of Egypt. I hope Mentus would be able to convince Ramses to stop the execution of my child or he would regret it for the rest of his life

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