JuST reAD It!!!!!

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good fuckin evening barbs it's 11pm and i've found another thing that irritates me woohoo

ok so
why do some people just not write descriptions for their stories

like my descriptions are not fucking gems but damn i mean they do the fucking job

like if you write like 'can't spoil it' or like 'just read it' in the description box actually go fuck your self

that is a threat

like the thing that makes me want to read a story is a good description

like for real bc you can tell the type of writer and person that the author is based on the description of their book

and also if there is nothing there then how tf you gonna interest me in your story??? huh???

so i'll just leave you with a few wise words

that shit hits different💖💝💋✨in the domestic kinda way🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🌸🥰🤩✨

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