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Mimzie spent fifteen more minutes showing him what the different drinks looked like and made him memorize the menu. Louis was of course absolutely perfect at everything she threw at him. He wouldn't dare dissapoint her. Mimzie was baffled by how fast he learned. She decided to write it off as muscle memory. He must have been a waiter before the incident which took his memory.

"What about performing?" Mimzie hummed softly. "We have a regular here at the bar who sings quite often. Perhaps if you're any good you two can do a duet sometime?" Mimzie smiled encouragingly.

"Performing?" Louis blinked. ' Sing?! For those monkeys! I am not some.. some... caged animal to be gaped at. Circus freak? Yeah that! ' Louis stared at the wall wondering if those thoughts were memories. He didn't see anything wrong with performing. ' I suppose I don't remember why I hated performing... so..' "yeah sure I'll give it a shot."

Mimzie put him in front of the karaoke set, pushed the microphone in his hands and pressed play. The lyrics and music of Stonewall Jackson's Waterloo started playing. Louis sang the first chorus perfectly but stuttered over the first verse.

"Now, old Adam was the first in history
With an apple he was tempted and deceived
Just for spite the devil made him take a bite
And that's where old Adam met his Waterloo~" Louis frowned.

"That's wrong. I didn't deceive anyone. Not to mention. Eve made that choice. " Louis frowned.

"What do you mean?" Mimzie blinked not understanding what he was going on about.

Louis set the microphone down. "I'd rather not perform if that's ok with you." He mumbled.

Mimzie nodded. "That's quite alright my boy. If it's any consolation... your voice is really nice." She smiled.

Louis cheered up a little. "You think so? That's... thank you." He cheerfully skipped over to the bar.

Mimzie made a mental note to figure out if Louis was religious. It would make sense if he was involved with those ridiculous cultists.

Around half an hour before opening, Mimzie introduced Louis to their bartender. "Louis this is Husker. Husker darling, this is Louis. He's going to help us out by serving the patrons." She smiled happily as the boys took in the other's appearance. "Please be nice Husk. Louis has lost his memory and cant remember anything about himself." Mimzie warned him.

"That explains the hopeless lost puppy look." Husk huffed and drank his cheap booze from his flask. Louis bristled. "Says the one lost in his own misery." He retorted. "Boys!" Mimzie's shout made them jump. "Behave." She ordered them with a look. They sulked and shook hands.

Once they finally opened and the customers started filling up the room. Louis finally got the chance to actually serve some people. Surprisingly everyone was rather decent. With the exception of a rather nasty old lady in a wheel chair.

After crushing Louis' toes she looked behind her to shout at him. "Can't you see where you're going?" She shouted. Needless to say Louis suddenly discovered he knew exactly how to disembowl someone with a rusty carving knife. Disturbed by his own dark thoughts he quickly apologized to the lady and served her her drink.

To Husk he said. "Why does an old woman come to a bar like this one anyways?" Louis grumbled. His poor abused toes still hurt. "Oh she's here for All." Husk hummed amused. "It's Monday. He always comes to sing on Monday. The old hag knows it. She comes here in the hope the handsome radio hosts spares her a glance."

Louis pulled a face and dry heaved. "That's... so gross. She wants to fuck this... All character." He shuddered. "I imagined her naked. Oh dear.. " ' dad ' "why?" Husk laughed heartily at him.

"Ah speak of the devil." Husk pointed at the man who just entered the bar. Louis' mouth went completely dry. ' oh no. He's hot. ' "what did you say his name was?" Louis whispered to the amused bartender. "Oh no. He's coming this way." Louis felt like a schoolgirl. Especially when the two of them locked eyes with one another. "I'm going to fucking faint." He mumbled to Husk.

"Why hello there." The handsome radio host smiled widely. In fact. Louis didn't think he had seen him stop smiling ever since he came into the bar. "H... hi." Louis breathed. Behind him Husk was roaring with laughter. Louis silently wished he would stop.

"Mimzie told me she had a new bartender. I'm Alastor. Pleasure to be meeting you." Alastor offered his hand. Louis took it. "Ah. I'm Louis. Maybe. Probably not."

The confusion on Alastor's face was slightly jarring. It seemed he truly didn't stop smiling. "I'm an amnesiac." Louis hurried to explain. The cute head tilt Alastor did was going to explode his chest. "You're very handsome." Louis blurted out. "I'm also not interested." Alastor hummed. Louis swore he could feel his world shatter. "Ah.. I meant objectively." He frowned. ' You can't deal with being dissapointed or father telling you no! He has spoiled you rotten! ' Louis twitched. Maybe it was better this way. He wouldn't act like a total fool around this perfect human being.

Alastor smiled like usual. "Thanks." He stated cheerfully. "I feel like I should clarify, I'm Asexual. I'm not into all that mushy stuff. And by the look in your eyes.... You clearly wanted something." Louis blushed in embarrassment. "I apologise. I don't usually act so love struck... I think. Perhaps you'd care for a duet?" He offered, Louis felt ashamed he objectified someone so quickly. They didn't even know one another. Still, Alastor was very handsome. Alastor's expression softened. Perhaps he could be a little lenient with how he treated the new kid. "I suppose.. that could be fun."

The two of them did have a lot of fun on stage together. The crowd was loving them. By the end of the night Louis had sang his vocal cords entirely raw. "Alastor. If you don't mind me asking? Why don't you stop smiling? Ever?" Louis asked curiously. "Ah. Because you're never fully dressed without one." Alastor answered. "Huh.. I.. you take that very literally. " Louis blinked.

Louis spend the rest of the night doing his job. Alastor stayed until closing time at wich point he said goodbye to Mimzie, Husk and Louis. "See you tomorrow" he waved and left them to clean up.

Louis sighed dreamily. Husk laughed at him. "Handsome isn't he?" He chuckled. Louis went red. "Shut up. Besides I have a.." he froze as the image of a beautiful blonde woman flashed through his mind. "Wife?" He frowned. "Oh you remembered something?" Mimzie perked up.

"Yes.. no... I think. Maybe I have a pretty blonde wife." He frowned and looked at his fingers. "No ring." He muttered.

"Maybe you separated?"Mimzie offered. Louis felt like it was more complicated than that. "Maybe." He sighed. "Yeah I think so." Louis balled his hands. "I'm going to sing myself to sleep." He went up the stairs to do exactly that.

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