Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Secrets that Stay Secret.

My flight was good. It could have been better though. I had this bimbo blonde sitting in front of me, who had this high nasal, annoying voice. But other than that, it was good. I had missed California. I missed the sun. But on the other hand, I missed Elisabeth. I got straight back to work as soon as I got home. My two apartment rooms were just as I left them. They were messy and filled with my junk. I decided that if Elisabeth ever visited, I would have to clean it. The doorman, Bill greeted me as soon as I stepped out of the cab. I looked around at the familiar brick colored apartment with white frames around the windows, and of course the electric glass moving doors in the front. Nothing had really changed. I was glad of that. I was only gone for two weeks, so I had hoped nothing changed. I walked into the front room and got into the elevator. I slung my two bags over my shoulder and pressed the seven button. Once the elevator reached my floor, I got out and walked into my room, F15. I opened the wooden door, and stepped inside. I immediately dropped my bags on the ground, and checked my phone for any messages. I had four messages. I pressed Play on my wireless phone on the wall, and sat down on my red couch. The first one was:

" Hey Alex. It's Courtney, um...Henry told me to call you and to tell you that you got moved into a different cubicle. Um, so yeah, it's in the North Building and you're on the fifth floor. See you when you get back!"

Courtney was my partner at work. Courtney and I work in financing. I hated my job. But I didn't mind working with Courtney and Justin.

The second one was:

" Alex? It's Mom. Oh, this is the two weeks that you're gone isn't it? Oh, um...well never-mind then dear!! I'll talk to you soon!!" she called out.

I snickered. Mom would forget that I was gone.

The third phone call was:

" Hey buddy!!! Welcome home! I sure hope you had lots of fun with that girl. You better tell me what happened!! And I want to meet her. You know, we should have a Bring Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend to Work Day!! That would be awesome. I'll see you later dude!" cried out Justin.

The fourth one was:

" Hey Alex. It's Elisabeth. Um, so I'm going to be in New York for about another week or so because my aunt got in an accident, and I'm taking care of her granddaughter. So I'll see you as soon as I can. Bye."

That was the last message I had on my phone. I sighed and thought to myself, " Life just isn't easy for Elisabeth isn't it? And now it's not easy for me." Life sucks for now. After I listened to my messages, I got right to work. I turned on my computer, and I started on the projects I had missed. It took me two whole weeks, day and night, to complete everything. I was wicked tired and drained for the whole two weeks. The only good thing was that Elisabeth came to visit me on the third week that I was home. It was just nine o'clock on a Saturday night when my doorbell rang downstairs. I pressed Speak on the intercom.

" Y'ello? Who is it?" I asked as I popped a Dorito into my mouth.

" Elisabeth. Hi, Alex. Can I come up?" she said into the intercom. I almost choked on my Dorito.

" Beth?? Hey! Yeah come on up baby!" I called out and pressed Unlock on the door. " I'm on the seventh floor in room F15."

" Okay," said Elisabeth as she left for the elevator.

I had about two minutes to clean up my rooms. I shoved all of my clothes, shoes, empty pizza boxes, my underwear and my socks into my closet. I threw a blanket on my bed, over my stash of food in the corner. I put on some shorts and a red t-shirts. I fixed my hair and was interrupted by Elisabeth knocking on the door. I immediately ran to it, almost tripping over my spinning chairs and wooden table. I opened the door. I was greeted by Elisabeth's smiling face.