17: Rain of Emotions

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Mahir sat inside the warm cafeteria watching the rain drops splatter against the glass wall as he waited for Hamza. As the night sky started to spread it's canvas he took a sip of cappuccino. He had been drinking coffee alot lately.

The sound of opposite chair shifting harshly diverted his attention as he saw Hamza finally sitting on the chair opposite him. Although, he was Hamza, but he looked different. Not in a good way. The person sitting Infront of Mahir wasn't the friend of his who always has a cheesy smile on his face showing off his dimples but a Completely different person, who had jaw clenched as he stared back with fierce eyes, the one that were on fire.

"We are meeting after almost 4 months now. " Mahir said trying to cool down the right air between them but he rather got a reply from Hamza saying,

"Just cut the crap, drop the act and tell me why did you do it Mahir?"

Mahir closed his eyes control him from not losing his mind. Upon not getting any reply, Hamza got irritated and hit his fist in anger on the table while saying out louder than before,

"Just answer me damn it! Who the hell gave you the right to do that with Aayat?is this how you decided to take a revenge of your insult from her?"

Mahir's eyes shot open and they now reflected the same fury as hamza, he clenched his jaw as he said seething his teeth,

"For god sake, just calm down and hear me out!"

After few seconds, both of them realised the crowd's gaze on them and that is when they composed themselves, mumbling a sorry to them, they shifted back in their chairs, in a more decent position as Mahir exhaled audibly.

After some minutes of silence, Mahir gathered the words of truth and spoke out ,

" I didn't do it to take any kind of revenge from her, I did this to protect her."

The black eyes of Hamza met with the gray one's owner , shock evident in them. It was for the second time he was shocked, the first one being the moment he read the message from an unknown number that he received in the evening as soon as he returned from his trip to Dubai.

"Protect her! From whom?"

Hamza asked curiously as he was than given answer by Mahir,

"From Aaliyah..."

Hamza's eyes grew more big with shock as he didn't know what exactly Mahir was saying but than the creases on his forehead lightened as Mahir explained to him everything,
From what Aaliyah did at camp to how she blackmailed Mahir.

Hamza heard everything attentively, processing each and everything in his mind. And to say he wasn't surprised to hear about Aaliyah's this side would be a lie. He had been her friend from a long time, and in that time he never even thought that she would do something like this. Although he had multiple times sensed the hint of love in Aaliyah's eyes regarding Mahir, but he denied his gut feeling.

But what was confusing or rahter say shocking him more was the reaction of Mahir to the whole situation. This wasn't the Mahir he had known for 2 years now. The Mahir who knew was the one who agreed with every mischievous plan that Aaliyah made, who didn't care if anyone got hurt by it or not. The Mahir he knew, never denied to Aaliyah. The Mahir he knew never cared about any other girl other than Aaliyah.

Than what had happened to that Mahir?

As Mahir finished explaining everything to him, he took another sip of cappuccino while Hamza let every information sink in. As the dust now was flown away, everything became clear. The reason Mahir did this was definitely his care for Aayat. But the question that was constantly replaying in Hamza's mind was why?

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