CheaterCheaterBestfriendEater ~Chapter 5~

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Stacy couldn't sleep.  She was anxious about knowing if she got the job. It was about 1:30am. She picked up the phone and was thinking about calling Tiffany. Then she remembered that it was late and she was probably sleeping. So for about 6 hours, Stacy laid in bed starring at the ceiling until her eyes couldn't stay open anymore, and eventually fell asleep.

The phone rang.  Stacy fell off the bed, startled at the ringing phone. She quickly picked up the phone hoping that it was Mr. Rolland telling her that she got the job.


 "Hey Stace, listen, I'm having a party tonight at 8, wanna come?"

It was Tiffany.

 "Um, yeah sure."

 "Ok ok good. There's going to be plenty of good looking guys here, so wear something nice."

 "Tiff, I don't have anything nice!."

 "Are you serious? Ok, we're going shopping; meet me at East Side Mall in 15 minutes".

Then tiffany hung up.

"What if Jacob calls? Oh wait, I mean, Mr. Rolland?" Stacy thought to herself.

She then remembered that she also gave the secretary her cell number. She owned one of those grey flip phones that exsisted in the stone age...or atleast thats what it seemed like. She couldn't afford to buy a newer phone.

Stacy got dressed in a white T-shirt and light blue jeans, with a pair of black and white converse. She got in her car and drove 10 minutes to East Side Mall. East Side Mall was the most expensive mall in Toronto. Stacy was hoping that Tiffany would pay for whatever she needed.

Stacy parked her car in the closest spot in the parking lot. She crossed the street, and walked into the mall. She then called Tiffany to tell her that she was at Entrance 3 and to meet her there.

5 short minutes later Tiffany and Stacy met up and started shopping.

 "You're looking very...casual." Said Tiffany.

 "Well yeah, it's the mall, not a wedding." Stacy said as if Tiffany was dumb.

 "Ok let's go in here." 

Stacy looked up to see what the store was called. She saw in big bright red letters "Designer Depot".

Stacy started browsing. Tiffany went straight for the dresses.

 "Hey what about this?"

Tiffany held out a beautiful dress. It was all black, strapless, and had a white ribbon under the chest. It was a little puffy at the bottom but it was beautiful. Even Stacy thought so.

 "Wow, this is...gorgeous". Stacy smiled at Tiffany.

 "I know, here, you got to go try it on!" Stacy got in a fitting room and tried on the dress. It fit perfectly.

Stacy walked out of the room to show Tiffany.

"Oh my God!"

 It looked like Tiffany was about to cry.

 "It looks stunning on you Stacy!"

"I know, I love it!"

 Stacy was so excited that for once in her life, she found a dress that fit her right, and looked beautiful.

Stacy changed back into her clothes and walked out of the fitting room area. She looked at the tag. The dress cost $600.00.

 "Um, Tiffany? I can't afford this."

Stacy had the most depressing look on her face.

"No no don't worry, this one's one me."

Tiffany took the dress and brought it to the cashier. Tiffany paid all in cash.

"Here you go."

Tiffany gave the bag to Stacy.

"I have to go get ready for my party, so I'll see you there at 8."

Tiffany hugged Stacy goodbye, and left.  Stacy walked across the street, and to her car, she drove home, and tried on the dress once again in excitement.


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