Jyles x Bryan x River

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Jyle's POV:
I was walking towards Bryan's House since I was bored at "Camp",When I entered I couldn't help but notice that the door was wide open,Strange?Bryan doesn't normally leave his doors open......unless...I ran as fast into the building "BRYAN?!" I yelled in Panic "Jy-Jyles?" I heard a Weak voice say behind a pillar.My Heart ached at the sight of My Buddy Injured."What did they do to you?!" I quickly hugged Bryan "A Mysterious Person barged down the doors and tried to steal my artifacts,I assumed  he was a mortal but when I tried to stop him He tried to pin down on the flooor!"He Replied "He then stabbed me a lot of times he said .He pointed out all of the stab wounds and before I k ew it he had passed out.I remembered  that Bryan had a Friend that would visit him everyday.I will wait until this person arrives maybe they can help me?


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