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My name is L/N Y/N. I live in a village called V/N. Even if this place was where I'm born. I kinda wish it's not.

Not a day passes without everyone here talking bad about me. Ever since my parents passed away. I had no one. I'm all alone in this cruel village. They all hated me, and it was all because I couldn't kill a dragon.

Yes... there are dragons everywhere. They varies in sizes and appearances. Some are small like our average size of a sheep. Then there are some that are as huge as a whale.

I never know where they all came from. But one thing I know for sure... they're VERY dangerous. They can kill you in an instant if you're not aware of your surroundings.

Another attacks happened in my village las night. All I could do is hide from them. I feel so useless. What they all say about me was right. I'm nothing but a coward. I shouldn't be around in the first place.

I wake up, and realize the dragons have left. I get out of my hiding spot and walks out. In an instant, I saw everyone looking in my direction with hatred in their eyes.

I just look down as I walk past them all. But I can hear what they're saying. "Look... if it's not the most coward girl..." "yeah! She's so useless. I kinda wish the dragon would just eat her" "I agree... we don't need someone like her anyway" more and more hurtful comments can be heard coming from their mouth. I clench my fists as tears begin to stream down my cheeks. I just take off running into the forest.

I keep running and running until my legs give out. I drop on my knees and start to cry harder. I scream at top of my lungs. "WHY AM I SO USELESS?!!!" I yell out of frustration. I clutch my hair and crouch down until my elbows touches the ground. I keep crying to myself.

A sound of twig snapping caught my attention. I move my head and look around. It stops when I look into a certain direction. "Who's there?" I call out. My eyes widened when a dragon appears.

(This is Saphira

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(This is Saphira. From a movie called Eragon, which is one of my favorite movie)

I step back and pull out my sword. I point the tip at the dragon. But my hands are shaking violently. The dragon just stare at me. It didn't do anything as it just observe me.

Tears streams down my cheeks. "P-please... I d-don't wanna h-hurt you..." I said. I know... you're a good person... a new voice can be heard. I jump and look around. "Who's there??" I said looking around while still pointing my sword at the dragon.

I'm right in front of you... the voice said. I turn my head to look at the dragon. "Did you say that?" I asks. The dragon nod it's head. My eyes widened "I... I can understand you! W-wait... h-how?" I said in shock.

You're the chosen one... I've looked everywhere for you. Legends said, one day... one human will have the ability to communicate with Dragons. That one person will have the power to restore peace among humans and dragons. My dear... its you... it said.

"W-What?" I said, in disbelieve. My breathing got heavier because of the shock. My eyes slowly turned blurry and the last thing I remember is the dragon catching me before I hit the ground.

Time skip

I wake up from sleep. "What a weird dream..." I said to myself. I flinch when I feel a burning sensation on my right palm. I raise my hand and my eyes widened in shock at what I saw.

There's a burn mark on it

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There's a burn mark on it. When I take a closer look, it looks like a dragon. "Wait... what the heck?!" I yell out in shock.

I jump on my feet and feel the crunching texture of a grass. That's when I realize I'm not at home. It's not even V/N. "Woah... where am I?! Oh Lord Odin... is this heaven? Am... am I dead?!" I said to myself.

You're not dead, your highness... I jump at the voice. I turn around to see the same dragon. "Woah there... where am I? Did you take me here?" I said. Yes... I'm the one who took you here... she said. "W-Why?" I asks. Because this is where you're meant to be... this is your new home, your highness... she said bowing at me. "Okay... I'm confuse... W-Why do you k-keep calling m-me 'your highness'?" I asks. That is because...

You're a Dragon Princess

*to be continued*

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