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Haneul groaned as the sun's rays entered their room and hit her face. She sat up, groggy and disoriented. It took her a moment to gather her will to live for today.

"Mark? What do you want for breakfast?" She softly asked. Her brother was rarely home with her so she was excited to have breakfast with him. "You dork answer me."

"I want waffles."

"Did you lose your voice? It sounds so different." Haneul asked. She decided to climb down back to the ground. "Mark...?"

On Mark's bed was a child with big curious eyes. Haneul walked closer and poked the child's chubby cheeks.

"Does Mark have a kid I don't know about? He looks exactly like him when he was a kid." Haneul wondered. The child seemed to pout and put his hands on his waist.

"I am Mark!" He said, pointing to himself. "Your oppa!"

"It isn't funny, Mark. Come out from wherever you're hiding." Haneul huffed, looking around. 

"I am Mark! You 155.5 cm and have 9 moles on your body!" He held up 9 fingers and if it weren't for the realization that set it she would be gushing over his cuteness and how he mispronounced some words.

"YOU REALLY ARE MARK! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" Haneul screamed, making her brother flinch. She carried him off the bed and towards the mirror on the door. It was Mark's turn to scream this time. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?"

Mark burst into tears as the two panicked. He was confused of what was going in and afraid of Haneul's panicked screaming.

"I need to call mom! Wait mom blocked me the other day for spamming her with memes." Haneul groaned and messed her already messy hair. "Do I tell her that her 19 year old son turned back into a 5 year old?!"

"Hannie..." Mark sniffled catching her attention. He raised both his arms up towards her with a pouty face. "Upsie."

Haneul took a deep breath and lifted him up. He hugged her and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck. She realized if she was shocked Mark would be terrified.

"Let's get you breakfast okay?" She said, making the boy cheer up. She stacked a couple of books on the chair and placed Mark on it. She began to make some batter and ready the waffle maker. "Do you remember what happened last night?"

"I ate and then my head hurt." Mark answered. He watched his younger sister make their breakfast with curious eyes. "I want cook!"

"You can help me with the dishes later. Eat up." Haneul said, placing a plate of waffles in front of him. Mark's eyes lit up and he immediately began munching on the food.

Haneul took big bites from her waffle while she texted Taeyong to come over.


Hey, can you come over?

Out of the blue? Isn't Mark there?

It's an emergency please come over asap.


Haneul put her phone down and looked over at Mark who was gulping down some milk. She smiled and ruffled his hair.

The doorbell rang and Haneul sighed in relief. If she couldn't figure out what was wrong maybe Taeyong could. She got up to answer the door, Mark jumping from the chair and following after her.

"Taeyong! You're such a— who are you?" Haneul gasped as there was a teenage boy standing in front of their door. There were two kids in his arms, one sitting on his shoulder, and two hiding behind him with intertwined hands.

"Where's Mark?" The guy asked. Mark, who had been hiding, grinned and jumped towards the guy.

"Jaemin!" He cheered, hugging his leg.

The Jaemin guy let out a frustrated groan."Not you too."

"Hannie this is Jaemin! My fwend." Mark proudly introduced.

"Please let us in before anyone sees us." Jaemin looked around, hoping no one was around.

Haneul nodded slowly and opened the door wider for them to enter. She watched them walk in and how the kids immediately dispersed.

"I'm Na Jaemin, a colleague of your brother." Jaemin said, closing the door.

Haneul, however, was glued to her spot. It was like she wasn't breathing as he moved closer to her.

"Something wrong?"

"Can you please stay 2 meters away from me. Please." Haneul muttered.

Jaemin raised a brow at her and took a couple of steps back. She instantly bolted into the kitchen, leaving Jaemin alone with the kids.

"Weirdo." Jaemin huffed, taking a seat on the sofa. "Kids, introduce yourself to Noona."

The children waddled over to Haneul who was drinking water. They were all in a semicircle as they looked up to her with sparkling eyes.

"I'm Chenle! This is my bestest friend Jisung!" The green haired boy declared, hands intertwined with an orange haired boy who seemed to be Jisung.

"Hewo." He shyly said, gripping onto Chenle's shirt.

The dirty blond raised his hand, a confident grin on his face. "I'm best boy Renjun!"

The boy with an adorable eye-smile raised his hand. "I'm Jeno."

"I'm the hasomest... hansomestes...hansum..." the rainbow haired kid began to pout when he couldn't pronounce the word right. His eyebrows furrowed as he kept trying to get the word right.

"Handsomest." Jaemin piped in.

"Yeah! I'm the handsomest one! Donghyuck!" He proudly said, a hand on his chest.

"I'm Mark."

"Yes, I know you're Mark." Haneul chuckled. She crouched down and ruffled each of the boys' hair. "I'm Haneul and I'm very happy to meet you all."

Jaemin mocked her words, bitter at the fact she was only being nice to children. Haneul bit her lip as she felt a little anxiety rise in her stomach.

"Why don't you kids play in the living room while I wash the dishes? I'm sure your uncle over there would love to play." She said with the sweetest tone. Jaemin, on the other hand, was appalled.

"Did you just call me an uncle?" He gasped.

Haneul pretended not to hear him and did proceeded to wash the dishes. She could definitely hear the chaos as the kids let loose and turned the living room into a playground.


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