"There's no changes of plan, Giovann. We need to pass our power to the family D'mitri-Ferrer successors, as soon as possible."- si Lourd na kampanteng nakaupo sa swivel chair.

"Two months. I think it's too long."- I said then lit the cigarette.

"I know but I want a big surprise for my princess' birthday."- Lourd at tumingala.

"And your ASAP is 2 months."- I puff the cigarette.

"Pfft. Anyway, how's your son Lucifer?"- pag-iiba niya ng usapan.

Napailing ako.

"Simula nang may umaligid sa anak mo, 'di na matahimik."- ako.

Nag-iba ang ekspresiyon ng mukha nito.

"Umaaligid?"- siya na naging blanko.

"Lover like that."- ako na humithit uli sa sigarilyo.

"I'll take care of it."- he said then put out his gun from his gunpocket in his right leg, then touch it like there's a dark plan.

Umiling ako.

"Still not using brain, Lourd?"- I said then he glared at me.

"Give my son a challenge."



We, The MALDITAS laugh instantly when we saw how happy Winter is, with my Lucas. Not knowing it's just a play.

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