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Name• Zane Aristotle.

Family• Four brothers and a father, his mother is deceased.

Age• 17-27

Species• He's human or he's either something else it depends on the rp.

Sexuality• Bisexual

Looks down below..

He's pretty tall and he's really muscular

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He's pretty tall and he's really muscular.

Outfits• He usually wears suits with a pair of glasses but on his relaxing days he wears a leather jacket and a regular pair of pants and some random shirt.

Job• He's either a scientist or just a guy working at a bar it depends..

Personality• Zane's Active during the day but changes into a workaholic by night he's pretty smart and he's handy meaning he could fix something thats broke no matter what it is thanks to his brothers.

Lastly he's a nice caring guy.

Likes• He likes to workout, Build things and he loves a good cup of tea 

Dislikes• Just Ignorant people.

Pets• A female crow named Stormy.

Backstory• Zane Aristotle was born into a pretty average family despite not having a mother, he grew up with four brothers and a father he looked up to.

He's the youngest of the four since they were born at the same time making them quadruplets and Zane was the only one that didn't have a twin he always wanted to be a scientist since his mother was one.

His brothers of course helped him in any way they could to make him happy, but eventually he became too addicted to the thought of becoming a scientist that he developed the trait named workaholic.

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