"Mr. Malik, can I see you?" Simon asked as he walked into the room. I jumped out of my seat and ran across the room to the older man. He looked taken aback, I gave a small smile before walking out. "I'm guessing your relationship is close?" I nodded.

"DADDY!" Emily ran up to me. I crouched down and opened my arms. Tears ran down both our cheeks, I scooped her up and squeezed her until she couldn't move.

"I missed you baby girl." I whispered. I then felt eyes on me and pulled away. I kissed her forehead and looked at Simon. "Em, this is Mr. Cowell. This is my daughter Emily." I introduced. She hid her face in my neck, causing Simon's face I soften from his signature look. "Princess, he's not gonna hurt you." I whispered. She looked up and stuck out her pinky.

"Pwomise?" she sniffled. I took my pinky and hooked it with her's.

"Promise." she smiled. "Now say 'hi' to Mr. Cowell."

"Please Zayn, it's just Simon in the real world. Not Mr. Cowell." I nodded. I set Emily down, who ran up to Simon and hugged his left leg.

"It's nice to meet you.." she mumbled. I smiled at my little girl.

"It's nice to meet you too Emily." Simon picked her up and Emily started to go on about her dolls and princesses. I laughed at Simin acting intrigued by her ranting. "Well its getting late. Zayn why don't you take Emily and go on to your room. Your sister is exploring London, so no need to worry. She's a wonderful girl, you did a great job raising her this far. I'll see you tomorrow at judgment day." he handed me Em and waved off.

"I like him. He told me to call him Uncle Simon. He even said I'm gonna be a pwincess!" Emily exclaimed. I gasped.

"Of course he said that! You are a princess!" I told her. She giggled as I entered the elevator.

"Daddy, how long you gonna stay!" she asked, years pricking her eyes.

"I dunno sweetheart... I don't know." I kissed her forehead and we walked to my room. I opened the door to see Niall listening to music on his bed. "OI, LEPRECHAUN!" I shouted, making Emily giggle. Niall shot up too quickly and tripped over the covers he had on the ground.

"Next time Zayn, come tap me or something. Don't shout." he complained, Emily was in a giggling fit. A huge smile on my face. "Is this the famous Emily Malik?" she blushed and his again.

"Em, I promise he's nice. He's a leprechaun, that means he's magic." she gasped and looked at him wide eyed.

"Weally?!" she asked us both.

"Yep! I am the great Niall Horan the leprechaun man!" Niall flexed his biceps. Emily giggled again.

"Show me magic!" she giggled. Niall smiled, showing off a set of crooked teeth.

"Alright, Zayn set this beautiful princess down so my trick can work." I kept in my laugh and set Emily on the ground. "Now with my leprechaun powers I will..." he looked around. I found her Snow White doll she was supposed to get when I return. I handed him the doll secretly. "make a new doll.... Appear!" he showed her the doll. She squealed and wrapped her little arms around his neck.

"TANK YOU! TANK YOU! TANK YOU!" she repeated.

"Of course princess." he muttered. She kissed his cheek and showed me the doll.

"Look, Daddy look!" she squealed. I gasped.

"Ohmehgawd!" I joked. She giggled, I picked her up.

"Ninall?" Emily asked.


"Daddy says he's hewe to sing, awe you a singew too?" she asked with a yawn.