Chaper 49

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So the drinks flowed, the conversation didn't dry up and much to my disgust I found myself being pulled back to him. So what if I spent the whole night with him? So what if he paid for every drink? So what if he wrapped his arm around me, and pulled me so close to his side I couldn't move.

So fucking what.

I knew as soon as we stepped out to the night air what would happen next. But just because I expected it didn't mean I wanted it to happen.

His hand was still locked with mine as we walked down the pavement.

"So come Monday can I expect you to not be talking to me again?" I stopped him as I took my heels off and carried them. "At least this time I know that the weekend means nothing to you. What happens on the weekend stays on the weekend."

He grunted.

"Well that's my cue to get a taxi." I let go of his hand and stepped to the curb.

My body was filled with tingles when he wrapped his hand around my upper arm.

"I could take you home." His words were like velvet to my ears and my heart raced at the sound of his voice.

"I think you've had more to drink then me."

"I'll walk you home."

"It is blocks and blocks away."

He shrugged his shoulders "I don't mind the walk."

"Well my feet will." And yet at the same time I wanted to walk home with him. "Look tonights been fun and that's enough for me, I'll see you later." I waved my arm out and taxi pulled to the curb. "Night Zane."

"Night Allie."


I stared in the mirror. My blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin. It bothered me that every other wolf always had tanned skin and somehow I always had white-lilly white skin.

I shook my long blonde hair and sighed.

I looked innocent.

I looked, I swallowed sharply too cute.

I didn't want cute. I wanted edge. I wanted attitude. I didn't want to look like the girl that had her memories taken from her. I didn't want to look like the push over I was.

I picked up the scissors and sighed again. I might regret this.


Blake's Point of view

Ebony was impossible. One minute she wanted me the next she wanted me to ignore her and then the next second she wanted me to play by the rules; the rules we laid out so not to tease each other.

I was beginning to come to terms with it. Ebony and I were going to end up together. Especially after the night club. Having her, tasting her. Just made me want more.

I leant back against Allie's locker. I wish I could talk about it with her. She would understand. She could help. Instead I had to act dumb and keep her in the dark.

It sucked.

I lost my best friend.

"You could at least move so I could get to my locker."

I opened my eyes and they slowly widened.

What the fuck.

She had Allie's eyes but that was it. The tight short skirt clung to her upper thighs, matched with a ripped tight tshirt and that went with the loose boots she was wearing. Now her blonde hair was jet black, same length at least she didn't cut it. But the piercing in her ear was new- it was a bar that went from one side of her ear lobe to the other.

"What the fuck happened to you?" Tumbled out my mouth.

This was not the sweet doe eyed Allie I knew.

"Nothing, now move would you."

I slid to the side. "So wanna explain why you talk like Allie but sure as hell don't look like her."

"I decided to change it up." She stuffed her bag in. "Got a problem with that Ford."

As if on cue, Zane and Ebony turned into the hallway. Now this was going to be interesting. I focused my attention on Zane. Wonder what he would think of his mates changes.

"Blake." Ebony stopped and so did Zane but his eyes were searching the hall.

"Ebony." We hadn't really spoken since the night club. I guess I should be happy she wants to talk to me.

Allie closed her locker and turned around.

Zane still hadn't picked up on it was her. Which caused me to crack a grin.

"What are you laughing at?" Ebony snapped at me.


"Blake can we go now." Allie's voice was bored and she clenched her textbooks.

Zane's head snapped to Allie. His eyes slowly going up and down and his mouth slowly opening.

Now this was going to be classic.

"Come on lets go." Allie tucked on my arm.

"He's not ready to leave." Ebony snapped on my behalf.

"Allie." Zane's voice was filled with shock. The dude couldn't hide it even if he wanted too.

Allie just stared back at him. "Oh hi Zane."

I laughed and then pretended to cough because he just got burnt. She had no interest in him what so ever mean while he is completely stunned by her.

It is Allie after all. If I got to choose my mate I would have picked her instead I'm stuck with Miss Bitch.

"You changed your um look." Zane stuttered out the words.

"Just dyed my hair and it isn't a big deal." She tilted her head to the side. "Surprised you noticed."

"Have to be blind not to."

"Right. Well we have to get going. Unless," She glanced between Ebony and I "You two want to passion on again?"

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Didn't think so. So can we go now. I want a smoke before class. Bye Zane." She scrolled off and I was about to follow her when something snapped in Zane and he strode off after her. Leaving me with bitch face.

Allie's Point of view

I felt him before he even touched me. His fingers wrapping around my upper arm pulling me to a stop.

"Ok did I miss something?" He looked deep into my eyes. But there was nothing there to tell him. This time I was playing it smart and that meant keeping my emotions in tight.

"Not that I know of."

"Since when did you smoke? And start dressing..." His eyes ran down me "Like this?"

"I made some new friends." Lies. "But does it really matter? Because it isn't any of your business." I stared him down. "Now if you don't mind I have a smoke to have a few texts to reply to and then a class to be bored by."

"I mind."

I arched my eyebrows "Why?"

He went silent. But the emotions played across his face so clearly. "I don't want you getting in the wrong crowd?"

I cracked a grin. "That's cute. You actually pretend to care. Don't worry Zane I'm a big girl and can look after myself." I stood up and whispered in his ear.

I pulled my arm from his grasp.

Then turned around and walked off. Students parted as I scrolled down the hall. Maybe I should have changed my look earlier.

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