Tag! You're it.

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1. My birthday is May 8th.

2. I love Harry Potter and Total Drama

3. Noah, Cody, and Izzy are my top 3 favorite Total Drama characters.

4. I have brown hair.

5. I have brown eyes.

6. I love My Chemical Romance, Melanie Martinez, and Palaye Royal. (I don't like GRLWood anymore we stand with Karen)

7. I like online shopping and I think I might spend all my money by the time quarantine is over.

8. I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate.

9. I also have a weird obsession with lemon and key lime pie yogurt.

10. I have six sisters and no brothers.

11. I love makeup, and buying a lot of it.

12. My favorite color is light pink.

13. I love drawing.

I don't have 15 people to tag :(( so I'll tag a few people, and by a few I mean two.



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