Chapter 5

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Picture is inspiration for the character Lucas.


"Fuck you, Joshua! I'm not coming out of this bathroom!!" I yell at him, irritated. The jerk! That perverted jerky perv jerk! Shut up, I'm making this up as I think...

"Shane baby, just come out for one little peek-a-boo. I want to see my awesome efforts at embarrassing you," I can feel him smirking through the door.

I grit my teeth, my cheeks fiery red from embarrassment, "Joshua, you will NEVER see me in this pathetic excuse for an outfit!! I can't believe I even put it on in the first place!!"


So, Joshua took Alexander out for some ice cream and told me I'm not allowed to go with them because Joshua wanted to get me a surprise. WELL, that sneaky little shit came back with a fucking Japanese maid outfit! Frilly, silky, skimpy dress with an apron, TIGHTS, and a headband. I'M NOT A CROSSDRESSER! I'M NOT A DRAG QUEEN! I'M NOT A DOLL!!! Whyyyyy did I let him talk me into getting in the outfit in the first place? That sexy bastard blackmailed me! How, one might ask. It's quite simple really, I promise. You see, Joshua isn't totally himself. Therefore, he's an asshole. Well, actually, he's always been an asshole. So let's just say, he's an even bigger asshole than before and has no respect for anyone. That being said, he decided that if I don't put the outfit on, he would tell my parents about my raunchy gay love affair with him. MY PARENTS DO NOT, stressing 'not', KNOW THAT I AM GAY! They're against it. Their religion is against it completely. They would kick Alexander, Sam, and Joshua out and then send me to some medical facility that turns gays brain-dead.

Back to now

"Joshua, I put the fucking outfit on! You didn't tell me I had to show you." I got him. I know I did. He wasn't expecting my great skills at being technically right! BAHAHA!!!

"Alright. That's okay, I mean... I didn't go through a traumatic experience or anything and my only wish was to see you in this outfit. It's okay, I understand..."

................................ fuck. NO! I'm not a softy... I-I.....hate life. Fucking hell.. I unlock the door and slowly open it to see him smugly staring at me, smiling wide. 

“You ass!" I attempt to slam the door shut, but he catches it, "You fucktard! Don't tell me that kind of shit to make me feel guilty into doing what you want!"

He swings the door open and let's himself in, forcing me back. He stares at me with a straight face then says to me, "I knew it. Sorry I wasted your money on that thing. You don't look like an anime girl."


"I'm a fucking guy, you jackass! What did you think I would look like?!"

"Those anime drawings of guys in girl outfits..." the perv mutters, disappointed.

Facepalm. I’m going to end up with a bruise on my head… Didn’t this happen before..?

 “Eh, go on ahead and take the outfit off. Sell it online or something,” Joshua turns around and waves his hand, then walks away. I slam the door shut and start taking the outfit off. What the fuck was he thinking? AND WHY WOULD ALEXANDER LET HIM WASTE MY MONEY LIKE THAT?! Wait… THAT FUCKING BASTARD USED MY MONEY?!

I hurry and put my clothes on, run out of the bathroom and dash for my bedroom. Joshua is sitting on my bed, on my laptop, looking bored.

“Oh hey Shane. What’s up?”

“You used my money to pay for that thing?!” I say angrily.

“Yeah, Alexander thought it was cute, so I bought it, thinking you’d look sexy. Boy, was I wrong,” he chuckles.

I tackle him hard. I sit on him, straddling him, and grab his shirt collar, “That was my hard earned money, you prick!”

“You’ll make more. See? No problems!” He grins.

“GRAAAHHH!!” I scream in frustration, “I was going to use that money!”

He leans up, grabs the back of my hair roughly, and pulls me into a kiss. I melt. I can’t help it, I love his kisses. I’ve missed his kisses so much. I’ve missed his lips against mine, his touch, his scent. Tears form in my eyes. My body starts to shake a little as the kiss deepens. His tongue enters my mouth, something I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s ecstatic.

The kiss is interrupted when Alexander and Lucas barge into the room. They both stop and stare at us, Alexander blushing and giggling and Lucas looking confused.

Joshua glances at both of them, cocking an eyebrow, “The fuck is that thing?”

“Joshua! Don’t be rude,” I hit him, playfully.

“Joshua, this is Lu-“ Alexander is interrupted when Lucas says, “Yo, don’t be a dick. I’m Lucas, Alexbaby’s friend.”

“Alexbaby? The fuck is that?” Joshua scoffs, “What’s with the stupid nickname?”

“Lucas, how did you get here?” I ask, trying to drown the drama starting.

“My sister gave us a ride here. She usually picks me up from school and I asked if Alexbaby wants a ride.”

Sam walks into the room, pissed off and muttering to himself.

“What are you doing home early, Sammie?” Alexander asks him confused.

“I got fired.”

All of us stare at him in shock.

“Apparently, Mike didn’t like that I turned him down so he found a reason to fire me,” he glances at Lucas, “Why is he here?”

“I came here because Alexbaby wanted me to,” Lucas hugs Alexander tightly from behind. Joshua bursts out laughing. We all glance at him, curious.

“What’s so funny?” Sam asks, irritated.

“Dude, don’t be jealous of that little shit,” Joshua continues laughing.

“What the fuck are you talking about? I’m not fucking jealous.”

“It’s okay, Sam. Lucas is just a fraud,” he stops laughing, his playful eyes locked onto Lucas.

“The fuck does that mean?” Sam cocks an eyebrow.

“Lucas is a girl.”

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