Kenma x M! Artist! Reader- Dear star boy

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Soulmate AU— Writing :
Whatever you draw or write in your self appears on your soulmate, except the soulmates name and location.

(Y/b)= your birthday
(F/c)= favourite colour

Title: Dear star boy

Kenma's POV


They're a normal part of society, integrated into us with stories and legends. Some people dedicate their lives to soulmates, others let life play out, hoping that they'll find there soulmate, some despising the idea rejecting their soulmate no mater the circumstance.

I fit in the middle, hoping that my soulmate is the type dedicated to finding there soulmate.

I never really tried to speak to my soulmate, I mean drawing on my arms would make me stand out.

When ever I walk around school I always find people walking around with bright bold drawings on their arms, sleeves rolled up, hoping someone will come up to them, showing the same markings.

Around my age is when most people start to find their soulmates.

My friends Kuroo and Shouyo are a example of people my age finding their soulmates.

Sometimes I think about my soulmate, I mean they never write anything on their arms so it makes me think I might never met them.

Kuroo's been talking to his soulmate in class more often, ranting to me about their conversations.

I'm kinda tired of the soulmate subject, you know?

(Y/n)'s POV

I've been drawing stars more recently, they interest me.

I'm currently at home supposedly "studying". Without thinking subconscious I start doodling stars on my arm with my purple ballpoint pen.

I snap out of my subconscious state realizing what I'm doing, panicking I let out a little screech.

I really never had a reason to draw on my self despite the fact that I'm an art fanatic. I want to be some sort of video game artist when I'm old enough.

I always have a sticky note around but my subconscious self just decided to draw on my arms.

Sighing I put my head in my star covered arms 'what's my soulmate going think of me?'.

I look back to my arms now that I get a proper look at them they aren't that bad. I look over to my clock to check the time 1:54 am, my soulmate should be asleep by now.

I close my notebook, turn my lamp of and climb into bed, I'll think about this tomorrow.

Kenma's POV

It's about 3:24 am right now. I'm playing Pokémon trying to catch all the Gigantimax Pokémon. I should be asleep, if Yaku or Kuroo found out I stayed up this "late" I'll be having a lecture in the morning.

As I run around the wild area I feel a tingly sensation on my left arm, I brush it of as my arms getting numb, after I caught Gigantimax Lapras I turn of my Nintendo switch, I find a comfortable spot on my bed and drift of to sleep.

~~Time skip~~

I yawn as I turn my alarm clock of its 5:30 am I stretch my legs out. I climb out of bed putting on my training gear.

As I take of my sweatshirt I catch a glimpse of my arm it's covered in purple markings.

Curiously I look at my arms, they're have stars carefully placed with consolation connecting some of them. My soulmate must be an artist by the way they look.

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