[Love and Tears] part 25.

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"Jay is the injured one?"

"Yes," Danielle confirmed.

"Right," The lady said, scribbling something down onto her note pad. I was too panicked to notice a crowd had started to form. "And do you know how many miles an hour the car was going?"

"What?" Danielle shreiked. "How the hell would I know?" She demanded.

"Look," I butted in. "Are you going to take him to hospital or what? Because he's dying here!"

"Yes we will," The lady replied calmly. "We just need to know key information so we don't make the situation worse when we move him."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

"Do you know where he was hit?" The woman asked us.

"I don't know! I was too busy being pushed out of the way!" Danielle cried.

"Maybe in the side or something," I told her.

"Right. And did any of you two get hurt?"

"Can you not see my belly! And my arms are all bruised and- oh shit! My legs are too! And can you not see Callie's face? She's got a black, swollen eye, a busted lip and her cheek's bleeding! Shit! It looks like I pay tax for nothing. They hire a load if shitty ambulance's who ask a million questions while someone on the road is dying!"

"You don't pay tax," I whispered to Danielle.

"That's not the point! Jay's dying, what is she doing questioning us!"

"I'm sorry to upset you, miss."

"Mrs." Danielle corrected.

"What?" The lady asked, as confused as I was. Since when was Danielle a 'mrs'?

"I'm a mrs,"

"...Okay," The woman responded, looking puzzled. Danielle started giggling.

"This isn't the time to lie to people about your marital status!" I snapped.

"Sorry," Danielle replied.

"Anyway, sorry to upset you but we need to find out. This information could be key. Anyway, thanks for your time," with that, the woman returned to the three men and showed them her note pad. They then lifted Jay onto the stretcher carefully and held the stretched into the ambulance.

Before the woman shut the door, she yelled, "Is anybody the mother or family to this boy?"

I looked at Danielle, who looked at me.

"She's his girlfriend!" Danielle shouted. My face turned red.

"What? No, I'm-"

"Hurry up!" the woman called from the door. Without any further protest, I pushed myself up into the back of the ambulance and took a seat next to where Jay's stretcher was layed. I gulped.

"What about me?" I heard Danielle call.

"I'm afraid there's no more room," The woman replied.

"But I'm hurt, too!" Danielle protested, showing the woman her belly.

The woman breathed for a moment before sighing. "Fine. Get in."

Danielle smiled before pushing herself Into the van.


I was so glad when we reached the hospital. Eveytime the heart moniter beeped, I jumped, expecting the worse to happen, even though I should had been used to it.

Just watching Jay while everyone else watched me watch Jay was awkward in itself. I wanted to talk to him, I wanted to apologize but I couldn't. I was scared. And he probably couldn't hear me anyway.

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