(Oreola) a series of incidents

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Oreola and Dorkidoria are riding in the back of the new Skrrtitrex Scaredom, yelling and screaming as they film videos of themselves in their outfits.

On their way to the 4Spirit headquarters.

To interview Truuuly.



Oreola doesn't think for a second 4Spirit is in any way involved in the murders this season, but there's enough people talking about it that it's at least worth considering. Lots of teams have been sending messages to 4Spirit, showing up at their headquarters on Fentynyl Ave, trying to get interviews, trying to find anyone on staff willing to say anything on record. No luck, for none of them.

Except, it turns out, your friends Oreola and Dorkidoria and Maliquent, who it turns out, Truuuly felt were owed a favor, for their help in exposing her brother's evil plot last season during the Brand Zombies situation.

None of them can believe it when the request goes through, but they also don't waste time planning their outfits and interview questions.

Truuuly 4Sprit. 5M followers. Executive Lead and Heiress to the 4Spirit Corporate Foundation. Hot, mean, brilliant, terrifying, amazing in every way. And Project DOM was the only team she had agreed to meet with. (Couple thousand new followers each right there, boom.) Star of 4Spirit 4Wards, 4Spirit4Lyfe, 4SpiritualBeings, Power + Spirit, Executricks, The Vibe Games, etc etc etc.

Except poor Maliquent. They had just called the car when Mystery Death 04 was announced. Can't be in two places at once and definitely can't ask Truuuly to reschedule. Brief stress mode as they panic about how to navigate this. Maliquent offers to handle the crime scene solo, knowing how much meeting Truuuly means to Oreola & Dorkidoria. Dorkidoria rejects this plan, saying it's not fair. But also not offering an alternate solution. She seems to want Oreola to volunteer to handle the crime scene, since Oreola missed the last one completely. But that's straight up not happening, and in Oreola's mind would definitely only cause more problems for them then it solves. But Maliquent assures Dorkidoria it'll be fine, it's OK, and that's that. Oreola feels like there's some slight lingering weirdness there with her and Dorkidoria but it's nothing to be done with now anyway, too much other stuff to deal with.

Inside the 4Spirit building, the lobby more like a chill secret club than a typical corporate headquarters (makes sense, 4Spirit is not your typical brand, but still). Low-key electronica, moody lighting. A few people meeting here and there, having whispered, ecstatic conversations.

They walk up to the front desk and Dorkidoria does the intro. "Hi, we're Project DOM from the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences. We have an appointment with Truuuly to follow up on a few leads."

The concierge looks them over carefully, swipes something on her screen without looking at it. "Someone will be right with you. Please have a seat." She motions to a very buttery couch, which they sink into.

"omg I honestly thought that was as far as we were gonna get," Oreola whispers. Dorkidoria reaches over and squeezes her hand, like this is really happening.

A few moment later. A large, round, tall woman in a Lustressa wrap swishes over and smiles gently.

"Hello ladies, I'm-"

Oreola (mask of cool detachment immediately dropping): "Cool-Skeleton-Dance, Truuuly's assistant, we know, we love you."

Dorkidoria: "We do. We really do though."

[Cool-Skeleton-Dance: Truuuly's primary assistant & confidant. 600k followers. Highest rating on ServiTude ever. The things she endured to get this job were legendary, jaw-dropping, blood-curdling.]

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