26- the end

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you're pov

July 16th, graduation day.

I woke up and checked my phone.

Finny ♡: good morning angel, have a good day cant wait to see you 💕

me: Can't wait to see you too babe 💜

I sent the message before getting up and making my bed. It's been a couple of years and we're finally graduating. We all just finished A-levels and are going to different colleges. Louie decided to go to one in Hollywood to become a film director. Finn is studying in his home town in Vancouver to become an actor or studying in some type of music. As for me, I'm studying in New York to become (your dream job, if you don't know you'll become an actor/actress). 

I got dressed in black ripped jeans and a light brown cropped hoodie with brown uggs. I would normally dress better but since it's fall I'll be dressing warmer. I brushed my hair back into a low pony-tail and put on some natural makeup.

I headed downstairs to make breakfast and make yoghurt with strawberries and grapes. I grab a glass of orange juice and drink and eat as I scroll on social media. I soon finish and head upstairs to brush my teeth. I quickly grab my bag as Finn messages me to meet him outside. I go outside and smile at the curly-haired boy.

"hey, there stranger" he chuckled as he pulled me in for a hug. We walk to school together hand in hand for the last time. "I really will miss you, Finn," I said quietly as tears filled my eyes. "Baby don't cry, we'll see each other soon I promise," he said softly holding me as we walked. I nodded and walked into history, the place this adventure began.

~ flashback ~

I sit in my seat and 5 minutes later the bell rings. Almost 10 minutes later Finn walks in as usual "why are you late this time Mr Wolfhard" the teacher asks him as he sits down next to me. "I was busy with my boys". He looks over at my book and I pull it away. "Calm down hoe I was wondering what the date was" he half mumbled and pulled out his phone. God sake, why do I have to put up with him

~ end of flashback ~

I hated this boy and now I'm insanely in love with him

man we really were 

enemies in love...


welp that's the end folks 

hope yall enjoyed the book and thank you for all the love and support on this book


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