The beginning

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The rain falls pours on outside the glass window. I look outside to see the green trees glistening with the rain drops and the world popping out into a new realm of colours. My mother walks into the room and as I try to get up my mother near my bed.

" It's ok Sophia, don't push yourself. You know the doctor told me you will soon be able to play in the rain and draw again. Doesn't that sound great?"

With a bit of concern in her voice my mother comforted me.

" It's.....'t have to...worry so much."

I lightly smiled to my mother and gave her a thumbs up. The room where I was in had a lot of machines which I was hooked up to and a very comfortable bed. Beside the bed was a counter with all my prescriptions and medicines. There were curtains separating my bed from the main room entrance. The room entrance had comfortable couches and a tea table was also placed there. The room also had a window through which the nearby forested area could be seen. During the night time the stars could also be seen and a very clear view of the sunset too. It was the rainy season in my country. About Mid-July to September. But I really didn't know what day or month it was. I had been admitted to the hospital for almost an year now. I was suffering from severe asthma and bronchitis. I would hardly be able to breathe on my own because of my lungs being majorly damaged because of these diseases as they call it. But I didn't seem to mind as I had gotten used to the pain and the problems. My mother would always be concerned about this fact, she would always be there by my side. My father would soon entered the room as I break from my trance from staring at the forest outside.

"How are you little warrior? You look fine today. Do you like the weather outside? After all it's your favourite type of weather ain't that right fighter?"

I lightly chuckle at my father's shenanigans.

" I will still keep fighting. Look papa how better I look..."

I show him while showing off how I sat on the bed and tried to dance and bounce around.

"Where is Alex? Is he doing ok? He was very sad when he saw me last time."

I say that with a tinch of concern present in my tone.

"Alex has school today and he wanted to skip school to meet you but we told him that he can come tomorrow."

"Oh that's alright papa.....I'm happy
that he is doing good and that he is not skipping school."

My father gave me a warm smile but his eyes spoke a different story. It was like he was trying his hardest to keep from letting his tears fall. He had red eyes and bags under his eyes, same with my mother. I grew worrisome looking at their condition. They were both tired and were working very hard to help me get better and here I was feeling helpless about myself. My mother suddenly turned towards my father and they both turned towards me.

"Me and your father are going to discuss about something for a while. Do you think you will be able to wait for us sweety?"

"Of course mama and papa, I don't mind at all."

I said that with a joyous tone. I was left alone in the room with my thoughts to accompany me. It was like swarming into my thought train as I wandered into sound sleep. Dreamland as they call it.

".....the Dreamland awaits you angel......"

Whispers a voice in my head
I wander in my dreams
The voice is there in my reach
I search the earth,skies and seas
To no avail to this mystery.....
Who is this?
My mind races as I feel lost
The feeling of hopelessness fills me
I venture deeper into this dream
Dreamland as they call it......

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