intro-sams day

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Maria's P.O.V

"Wake up u Lil bitch" my mom screams at me

I get up and walk to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I serve my mom some pancakes and go get ready for school. My mom cane up to me and punched me in the face because the pancakes were to hot.

"Maria ur not going to school today"

"Why not"

"Ur new owners r coming to pock u up"

Those words were stuck in my head

"Well go on and get packed."

I ran upstairs with tears in my eyes. My head hurt from all the crying.

"Bitch get down here, there here to take u"

I ran downstairs and saw six familiar guys.

One of the guys paid my mom and grabbed my arm

"Bye bitch"

That was last thing my mom said to me.


I was pulled into a tour bus. All the guys sat down and told me I was gonna be there sex slave.

"Otay here's your schedule" said Trevor handing me a piece of paper.







Sunday-free day

I looked at amazement. So today is Thursday so I'm same tonight.

"O and I forgot to mention. U have to do it with whoever's day it is or u will have to be fucked by all of us at the same time"



We arrived at a big house. Kiam opened the house door and I ran inside. My fave was full of surprised.

I asked to see my room. Sam showed me around the house. He showed me my room.

My room was really big. I had my own bathroom. A walk in closet full of clothes. A mini fridge and everything u could ever imagine. There was a laptop, two I phones, and a pair of red beats sitting on my bed.

"Wow thanks"

"Your welcome"

Sam then came behind me and pit his hands on my hips.

"I want u... I need u" he whispered into my ear

"O really"

"Yea" he said grabbing my ass

I moaned "otay u can have me"

He pushed me onto the bed and slipped my panties off with his teeth. He took my shirt and bra off. I took his shirt, pants, and boxers off. He ran to my dresser drawer and took out a condom. He slipped it on and got on top of me. He positions himself and slid In. His length was so big. Bigger then my ex-boyfriend.

I moaned as he went faster and faster

"O sam"

"O baby yes keep saying my name"


"I don't think they can hear u downstairs"


He slod out of me AMD stuck to fingers I side of me. He keeper hitting my gspot over Andover again which caused me to moan louder then ever.

"Sam I'm gonna...cum"

"Just let it out baby"

So I did. He licked it all up tasting me. Then he stuck his going in my heat and ate me inside out.

When he was done he poppled done next to me

"Damn u know how to do it"

"Tha ks u too"

I went over to my closet. I put on a nutella crop top from freshtops, white highwasted shorts, teal vans, and a beanie to pull it off. I applied on some make up.

I went downstairs and told the guys I was going for a walk. I want outsode the door and explored the whole street. The beach was just up ahead so I walked over there.

Omg hiya guys. I know this is a weird story ad my writing it crappy but I wanted to see what it was like writing a sex slave book. I hope u guys enjoy. Pleas got read my other book In Between. If u love Taylor caniff then you'll love that book. Otay byee people
- Maddi

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