Chapter 19-Rage

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Please make sure that before reading this you read Chapter 18!! It was made private and is very vital for this you need to read it in order to understand this chapter!! So if you haven't read it go read's kinky and funny and...kind of scary at the end but ALAS read it anyways people! Okay...rant over...^-^

How I picture Rowan (both his and Sullivan's family as well) getting revenge for Sully lol...FOR SULLY!!!

Chapter 19


Rowan's POV

I hang up the phone and tuck myself back into my slacks with a smirk. Making my way to the bathroom I wash my hands and my face before checking my pants. When I don't see any cum stains I leave the room. Clair and Swanson are both waiting in the front room with curious looks. Okay so I was just going to ask what Sullivan was doing but hearing his voice was enough to get me hard so I wanted some fun.

"Let's go." I say while grabbing my briefcase and we all leave the suite before climbing into the elevator.

"How was Sullivan?" Clair asks curiously and I stick my hands in my pockets before caressing my phone.

"Loud." I say making her frown in confusion but she doesn't comment further.

Swanson smirks at me through the reflecting doors and I wink making his shake his head amused. When the doors open we step out the elevator and walk out the hotel. The driver tips his hat and opens the back door for us. I grab Clair's hand as she slides into the car before climbing in after her. Swanson gets into the passenger seat as the driver closes the door and climbs into the driver's seat.

"We're going to the site after the court correct?" Clair asks while tapping away on her phone.

"Yes dear." I say sarcastically while playing Two Dots. I don't know if I should be happy or angry at Sullivan for showing me this annoyingly addictive game!

"I hope you lose." She huffs making me chuckle and roll my eyes.

"I'm stuck on this level." I mumble and she looks over.

"What level?" She asks and I curse lowly when I lose.

"Level 127, it's impossible." I say and she takes my phone.

I watch closely as she quickly beats the level and hands me the phone with a smirk. Snatching the phone I roll my eyes at her smug expression. How the fuck did she do that?! I've been stuck on the level for a good three days. It's no surprise that the next level spends my head pounding. I hate this fucking game but I love it so much. Maybe Sullivan can beat it for me. He's on like level a million and one. My baby is so smart.

"Alright, let's get this shit over with." I say when we pull up to the court house.

"I'm surprised it's lasted this long. The case should have been over within hours. No way will he get half a million for such a small injury." Clair says as I help her out the car.

"You don't have to tell me twice. This is like hell. I want to fucking go home already." I say as we all walk up the stairs where my lawyer is already standing.

"Mr. Vheris, this seems be to the last thing we need to close the case. I did some more thorough research on Mr. Lee. It seems he has some deep gambling debts he needs to pay off, poker." He says making me roll my eyes.

"Of course, this is good news. Its proof he's in it for the money." I say as we walk into the courtroom.  

"Yes with this all this should be over by tomorrow morning with all the paperwork and such." He says before walking over to his table as we take our seats behind him.

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