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I wake up to screaming in the car. I bolt up in my seat, my wolf ready to take over.

"SOME BALLS ARE HELD FOR CHARITY AND SOME FOR FANCY DRESS." My grandparents sing along. I lay back down. It's just ACDC. I turn on my phone, apparently it's 10 a.m. I lay back down until they finish the song and then sit back up.

"Great singing guys. Anyways, what's going to happen with school. I'm a sophomore. And I'm pretty sure it's illegal for me to just drop out." I remind them. They both look at eachother.

"About that, dear. Remember where we live?" My grandmother asks.

I did remember. The people in that town were weird. Like there was something seriously wrong. I went there when I was around 9 and I remembered I accidentally bumped into some random dudes leg in the store. And everyone gasped and my grandparents began profusely apologizing like I hit the queen of England.


"Well. It's a community of werewolves."

Shifters. The voice in my head reminds me.

"It's our pack." My grandpa sums up.

"Okay. So?"

"So, you'll be going to an all werewolf school. Learning werewolf things. There are werewolf classes, you will be placed in the beginner one with the freshmen."

"Great. More school." I reply sarcastically. They both laugh at that. I see that we're nearing their town, at least 2 hours from there. "Tell me more about this pack." I ask, desperate for details.

"Our pack is called the Crimson Pack, because it's considered the most powerful pack, and red is the most powerful color."

"Commies." I mutter.

"Yes, commies. But that isn't the point. We have 4 alphas. They're seniors. When they were babies, a prophet traveled to the pack and told them they would all share the same mate, and together they would hold enough power to change our race. The pack appointed them all alphas and they have equal power in pack matters. They're all respected. Most packs only have one alpha, one beta, and one gamma.

We still have one beta and one gamma, just 4 alphas. The prophet also explained they would be the kings of the shifter world once they meet their mate."

My only thought during the explanation was that I'd hate to be their mate. They sound like they'd be cocky bastards who only want to use their mate for power. No thank you.

I nod and that was the end of that conversation. An hour flew past and I was suddenly nervous, dreading my new future. I decide to take my last hour to take a nap.

I wake up this time to my grandmother tapping my stomach. I groan and sit up.

"We're here." She smiles at me. I stretch and climb out of the car. I look at my phone again and see it's noon. The wind brushes against my arms and I instantly get cold. I'm ushered into the old and familiar house and my grandmother shows me to the guest room. I remembered it always being an obnoxious blue color, but now it's a light gray. I smile that they changed it for me. In the middle of the spacious room is an elevated king sized bed with a lavender bedspread and pillows. I lay my white baby blanket on the top and set my bag on the floor next to it. I untie my shoes, chuck them by the door, and look around at the rest of the room.

There is a white circular rug in the middle of the dark hardwood floor. Across from the bed and to the left is a desk and bookshelf full of books. There's another door which I'm sure is a bathroom and a sliding mirror, which I assume is the closet. There's a nightstand and an alarm and 2 windows framing the bed, with matching lavender curtains. I look around and sigh. Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I suspect my grandparents want to get me enrolled as soon as possible. I throw away that train of thought and head towards my bag.

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