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Roshaun ran to his room and then came back with face masks.

R: these have designs on them. I ordered some for all of us

S:I'll take the plain black one

A:Ooo I'll take the"anti social club "

R:okayy then I'll take the Mickey one

R:okayy then I'll take the Mickey one

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At the s t o r e

I was with ale picking all the food we needed and also sold fruits while roshaun got more snacks.

A: I like your outfit

S: oh.. thanks

He smiled and nodded

S: you know what I want to be more like you

He chuckled and furrowed his eyebrows

A:like me? In what way

I grabbed some strawberries and placed them on the cart

S: Always looking at the positive side,always smiling, bringing people up, being nice

A: Damn stopp...gonna make me blush

S: your very sweet

A: I guess but still I get negative and sad sometimes

S:how? Your life is perfect I guess...


S: why meh?

A: having a..fandom is hard..I get a lot of hate comments and people saying they want me to be like I used to be or attacking me for not doing something right or for liking something they don't like

I looked at ale with a concerned look

S: oh my God ale I didn't know..people can be so toxic its horrible

A: yea...but I guess it is what is

S:no it's not. Ale you can do whatever you want it's your life and if people dont like that there's something called "block user " and " unfollow" hella easy

He chuckled and agreed.

S: what's the point in commenting if you liked what the person did or not the fuck. Keep scrolling bitch

He chuckled again

A: Your right sam I'll take your advice

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