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We both layed down and he pushed me closer to his chest

Smelling his good scent made me go to sleep faster..

Smelling his good scent made me go to sleep faster

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M a t t i a s  POV

I yawned and fluttered my eyes open. I tried to stretch but Sam was on my arm sound asleep.

Shes one of those heavy sleepers I can see..so maybe she won't feel if I move my arm

I slid my arm from underneath her head and successfully succeeded. She moved a little but still was asleep

She looked so cute. I wonder if she saw me asleep eww I probably look so ugly sleeping....damn it

I sighed and got up from her bed. I walked over to the door and slightly opened it to see if anyone was in the hallways. And it was clear

I felt like a secret spy trying not to get catched

I laughed in my head and went back to sneaking into my room.

I close the door behind me and silently ran to my room trying not to make the floor make a loud sound

I finally got to my room.  I opened the door and closed it then I turned around and see kairi on my bed on his phone he looked up at me  with a smirk

K: look at that its big boy mattia

M:what the fuck are you doing here

K: you know just hanging around

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