The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 21

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"What do you want?" I asked, slightly more aggressively than I had originally intended. Cal turned in his seat to look at me, his eyebrows raised. Then he pointed at the television which he, Radleigh and Ade had all been watching. I sighed and sat down on the arm rest of one of the squashy leather sofas.

"What am I meant to be watching?" I demanded scathingly. I really wasn't in the mood; this whole heat thing was taking it out of me. I just wanted to be in my bed, sleeping off the headache that seemed to start every time someone opened their mouth. Radleigh put his finger to his lips and scowled at me, shaking his head.

"....and the police believe, due to the horrific natures of these attacks and the widespread areas of which the victims resided, that there may be more than one perpetraitor..."

A picture of a woman's slashed up body flashed up on the screen and I winced; her face was completely unrecognisable (I could only tell it was a woman because of the caption underneath), her body was covered in blood and her clothes hung off of her, shredded and soiled.

"Your friends in the woods have been having a bit too much fun," Radleigh remarked. I felt bile rising up my throat. Dante and his thugs had done that? I didn't know why it surprised me so much. This was his way of telling me that he hadn't forgotten. He was practically sacrificing women.

It was only when Cal touched my hand, that I realised that I hadn't been breathing. I looked at him, my eyes wide trying to regain some of the breath that I had lost.

"What're we going to to?" I murmured in little more than a whisper.

"Dad and Jase are out looking for them," Radleigh growled at me, "Trying to see if there's any chance of a temporary Treaty." The thought of Dante agreeing to any sort of Treaty made me want to laugh. He had to be the most unreasonable bloke I'd ever had the misfortune to meet. And believe me, I had met a few.

"Why?" I asked delicately.

The three young men exchanged looks.

"Until, you know," Ade said awkwardly, "you're with child." I groaned and slipped off of the arm rest I had been sitting on, landing on top of Cal, my head resting on his lap. He looked down at me, his eyebrow arched and I shot him a small smile, forgetting the seriousness of the situation momentarily.

"And what's going to happen then?" I looked over at Ade, a frown forming on my face. He just shrugged and looked back to the news report.

"Why are you suddenly so...flippant about this?" Radleigh inquired. I bit my lip, thinking about the question.

"Shit happens," I murmured. I could feel Cal's eyes on me and I looked up at him. "But that doesn't mean that you're getting any! I just...I'm fed up with fighting with you about this. I hate it." Cal nodded and began to watch the T.V. again, but he ran his fingers up my arm and back down, making me shiver under his touch. I was just glad that he was accepting my so-called apology. And as for Dante and his pack, we were just going to have to take that as it came. There was nothing we could do for the women they had already killed, and, as for future victims, they were inevitably going to fall for the charms of the werewolves, no matter what we did.

"What a cute picture," Ade teased, letting his voice get squeaky. I sat up and then spun myself around to face Cal. I put my index finger under his chin and pulled his face to mine, planting a kiss on his soft lips. I sucked on his bottom lip and then slid my tongue into his mouth. He pulled me onto his lap so that I was straddling him, my legs curving nicely behind his back. I snaked kisses down his jaw, travelling over the pale skin on his neck and towards his collar bone. He moaned quietly and I realised that I needed to get off of him. The only problem was, I really didn't want to just stop there. It was physically hurting me just trying to prevent this from going too far. I reluctantly pulled away, resting my forehead on his.

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